NEW: Silent Killer, Kinnah mend bridges

25 May, 2023 - 08:05 0 Views
NEW: Silent Killer, Kinnah mend bridges

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter

Zimdancehall artistes, Jimmy “Silent Killer” Mudereri and Maligakini “Kinnah” Saizi, who had a nasty public fallout during a Killer T show at the Netball Complex in Mbare last week, have resolved their dispute amicably.

The two clashed on stage – in full view of fans – as they wrestled over a microphone.

An eye witness, record producer and chanter, Arnold “DJ Fantan” Kamudyariwa, chronicled the events that led to the bust-up.

“Silent Killer caused all this. He was supposed to hand over the microphone to Kinnah so that he performs, but he refused to do so.

“Kinnah then reacted angrily. We thank God that the two were quickly restrained,” DJ Fantan said.

Both Silent Killer and Kinnah told The Sunday Mail Online that what happened is now water under the bridge.

“It is unfortunate that we failed to restrain ourselves. We have since talked about it and we resolved the matter.

“For your own information, Silent Killer is a childhood friend,” Kinnah said.

Silent Killer pleaded with his fans and promoters to forgive him.

“This was not planned. I lost my cool. I sincerely apologise to both my fans and promoters,” he said.

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