NEW: Relocation of disaster-displaced communities almost complete

04 Aug, 2022 - 18:08 0 Views
NEW: Relocation of disaster-displaced communities almost complete

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter

GOVERNMENT has so far relocated 80 percent of households displaced by disasters like flooding and tropical cyclones across the country.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Online on the sidelines of a validation workshop of the regional framework on displacement induced by disasters on Thursday, Department of Civil Protection Unit (DCP) deputy director Dr Farai Hokonya said relocation of households affected by disasters is almost complete ahead of the rainy season.

“As a way of mitigating displacement amongst households affected by disasters, there is the relocation of households and communities that are prone to hazards that we have so far experienced in the country.

“Projects implemented such as construction of households affected by Cyclone Idai. We have surpassed the 80 percent target in terms of relocating households affected by disasters,” he said.

Relocation of Budiriro households that were previously affected by floods, he added, are at an advanced stage.

“They are going to be relocated to a strategic place where flats are built.”

Dr Hokonya said evacuation centres for communities prone to disasters are being scaled up to desirable standards and strategic areas.

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