NEW: Protect women against climate change

08 Mar, 2022 - 18:03 0 Views
NEW: Protect women against climate change

The Sunday Mail

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AFRICAN countries should promote gender equality economically, socially and culturally to ensure that women are protected against climate change and pandemics such as Covid-19.
Speaking at International Women’s Day celebrations in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, Ms Namhla Mniki, senior specialist in the Office of the President of South Africa, said gender inequality affected women more than their male counterparts during pandemics.
“Gender inequality has worsened during Covid-19 and natural disasters and as economies are being affected, women are the most affected and failing to recover economically,” she said.
“So then it is important to include women in all aspects of the economy.”
The celebrations were celebrated under the theme: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”
Speaking at the same event, director-general at the Department Women, Youth and Persons with Disability in South Africa, said gender equality remains critical.
“Climate change is not only eroding ecosystems but livelihoods as well with women being the most affected,” she said.
“The extreme weathers, increase in food prices and displacements of people affects all of us, but mostly the vulnerable groups especially women.
“Thus it is important for Governments to implement gender equality across the board.”

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