NEW: Muvingi and Zikhali: Could these be Zimbabwe’s strongest duo?  

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NEW: Muvingi and Zikhali: Could these be Zimbabwe’s strongest duo?  

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Theseus Shambare  

You may think you have seen it all – that is until you meet arguably Zimbabwe’s strongest duo: Jonathan Muvingi (32) and Anold Zikhali (35).

They typically exhibit more strength than mere mortals.

These two guys are so strong they can individually pull a 6,5-tonne haulage truck with their jaws or shoulders.

They made a breath-taking spectacle by separately pulling a haulage truck at the National Sports Stadium on the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day Celebrations in 2018.

They left many wondering how mortals can command such super-human strength.

They surprised family and friends, too.

Muvingi, upon visiting his in-laws in Masvingo last November (planting season) and finding out that they had lost their ox, took the opportunity to unleash his strength.

He held the rope that was tied to the ox-drawn plough and pulled it until the whole field was cultivated, leaving onlookers short of words.

Tinashe Ganyani, who claims to be Muvingi’s trainer and manager, said: “We thought he was joking at first, but after he made two rounds pulling so easily and effortlessly, we realised that he was determined to do it. We started planting maize seed until we completed the whole field.”

As if that’s not enough, Muvingi claims he is also able to crack a brick wall with his forehead.

As a member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Muvingi, who has the rank of Corporal, has earned himself the name ‘Mr Strongman’ within military circles due to his unusual physical strength.

“I have consistency in my training. I start my day with two hours of gym time early in the morning before leaving for work. Then I have another two-hour session before breaking for lunch. I conclude my day with at least another two hours from 5pm. Basically, I spend most of my time in the gym lifting weights.”

The 32-year-old Black Rhinos wrestler turned professional in 2016 and has since posted a 15-0 record.

“Since I am a wrestler by profession, I have been training since 2007, but have recently just upped my game on heavyweight lifting. When training, I don’t lift anything less than 550 kilogrammes,” he said.

Without training, he says he becomes agitated.

“I am addicted to training to the extent that I cannot skip a day without lifting heavy weights and pulling objects. At one point, I hit and cracked the wall of my house with my forehead after spending days without training,” he said.

Like in any other sport, Corporal Muvingi follows a strict set of rules to stay on top of his game.

Incredible too is the quality and quantity of food this man, who weighs 108 kilogrammes, consumes.

“My diet is very different; I do not just eat healthy but plenty too. I am quite expensive to cater for,” he chortled.

The strongman needs two loaves of bread, half-dozen eggs, one litre each of milk and juice, sausages, bacon and butter…and that’s just for breakfast.

He needs a kilogramme of meat and two full pots of sadza for his lunch.

“This is what I eat for me to perform well, but usually after a hard work at the gym, I would need more,” Muvingi said.

He also prefers surplus meals of beans to get more protection and similarly eats a lot of traditional foods.

“For now, I am struggling to buy the required food because it’s costly. I still face a few challenges. If I could have sponsorship, then I could do my best.”

Muvingi dreams of bringing the World’s Strongest Man title to Zimbabwe when he goes to the Sumo Wrestling Tournament in June, which will be hosted by Japan.

“Sport is a game of mind. Once I tell myself that I can do it, I won’t stop working towards it. So I want to be the next World’s Strongest Man. I just need more training and enough food; that means the correct (training) equipment and more food.

“I need sponsorship so that I can afford enough food, gym equipment, training kit such as ankle guards and belts to protect my backbone as well as enough money to go for competitions.”

Born in Chiredzi, the wrestler is now becoming a source of inspiration to others in the army and nation at large who also want to be like him.

He is slowly becoming a role model and maybe soon the face of raw power.

Following Muvingi’s footprints is Anold Zikhali, who is also in the army with the Presidential Guard regiment.

He is on record pulling a goods train with three wagons, with each wagon weighing between 15 to 17 tonnes. What a beast!

“We want to write our own history. Usually people think that these things only happen in the western world; when it’s done here, they attribute it to juju, so we want to change that perspective to show the world that these things can happen in Africa, specifically in Zimbabwe,” said Zikhali.

“I want to show people that this is a God-given talent. There are plans that I go and pull Airbus A380 at the airport; I hope authorities will let me do it.”

The Airbus A380 is one of the largest passenger planes, with a typical seating for 525 passengers and weighing 617,3 tonnes.

Zikhali discovered his talent in February last year at a wrestling tournament at Harare Gardens.

There he tested his ability by pulling a truck, which he did effortlessly.

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