NEW: Mr Strong set to pull 168-tonne train wagons

08 Jun, 2023 - 14:06 0 Views
NEW: Mr Strong set to pull 168-tonne train wagons

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter

HAVING impressed by pulling three empty train wagons in the past, Zimbabwean strongman Arnold Zikhali is at it again.

He is targeting a new record on Friday by attempting to pull loaded train wagons weighing 168 tonnes.

Fans will get to see arguably the country’s strongest man in action at National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)’s Harare Train Station at 10am.

Popularly known as ‘Mr Strong’, Arnold said he wants the world to know that Zimbabwe has its own unique breed of strongmen.

“Yes, Friday is the day to make history. Three wagons will be listening to my power on this day.

“I will be commanding three wagons, each weighing 56 tonnes,” he said in an interview with The Sunday Mail Online.

“I want to break the perception that this type of sport is for Europeans.

“I want to become an internationally recognised sportsperson in this regard.”

Having discovered his talent in February 2021 at a wrestling tournament in Harare, when he tested his ability by successfully pulling a truck, Arnold has never looked back.

He has previously pulled the combined weight of two 30-tonne trucks, a record he now wants to beat.

He has also successfully variously stopped several vehicles from reversing while holding onto them.

At one point he wanted to pull an Airbus A380, one of the world’s largest passenger planes.

However, the event could not take place after the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe and Air Zimbabwe refused to sanction the stunt.

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