NEW: Goromonzi youths, war vets receive dam titles

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NEW: Goromonzi youths, war vets receive dam titles

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Theseus Shambare in GOROMONZI

GOVERNMENT has granted authority to war veterans and youths in Goromonzi district, Mashonaland East province, to oversee the sustainable exploitation of water resources in Atlanta Dam, as authorities seek to put an end to fish poaching.

Following calls by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources Department (FARD), which falls under the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, to boost rural development and broaden the economic participation of communities, local war veterans and youths formed the Blueland Cooperative.

The cooperative has since been given authority over the dam.

Yesterday, they hosted FARD, which donated 5 000 tilapia (breams) fingerlings under the Presidential dam stocking programme.


FARD fisheries Officer Mrs Chenjemulene Madzivanyika

Speaking during the official handover of the fingerlings at Atlanta Dam, FARD fisheries officer Mrs Chenjemulene Madzivanyika said rural communities have a role to play in national economic growth.

“In the past, rural communities used to depend on urbanites, but under the Second Republic, the tide has turned. Rural development is the key to economic growth,” she said.

“As we already know, the Zimbabwean economy is agrarian-based, and fish farming is another pillar of the sector. To be honest, fish farming has the potential to transform the economy of Zimbabwe.”

Rural communities, she said, need to be organised to receive enough support from the Government.

“We are saying people must organise themselves and we assist them with expertise to kick-start their fish farming projects through workshops and trainings.

“After training, if resources permit, we offer them initial fingerlings and continuous expert advice on the economic way of running their enterprise,” she said.

Blueland chairperson Mr Tendayi Mangwiro said the cooperative targets to exploit economic opportunities presented by the Government.

“After hearing that the President has formed the FARD, we quickly decided to organise ourselves in 2021 so that we can play our part in the growth of the sector.

“We started as a group of ten, but we look forward to seeing others join. We registered our group in various ministries, including the Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Development,” said Mr Mangwiro.

ZANU PF Mashonaland East Provincial Youth Secretary for Education Mr Pardon Chibamu said youths are heartened by the Government’s inclusive approach.

“We are happy that our leaders are always including us in the economic activities of the country. We used to be sidelined in positions of authority, but now we are being put in the driving seat,” said Chibamu.

“In our province, we appreciate how the war veterans are guiding us. We are tapping into their rich experience as we work side by side with them. We look forward to continuing to be guided by them as we see our economy turn around through projects like these.”

Under the Presidential Fisheries and Dam Stocking programme, the Government is urging households living close to water bodies to form committees that manage the sustainable exploitation of water resources.

Those who are far from natural water bodies are encouraged to organise themselves into groups and construct fishponds at their respective households or as a village to ensure they get assistance with start-up packs that will include fingerlings and feed.

Recently, the Government, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), unveiled a US$500 000 fund for the refurbishment and expansion of Government hatcheries.

The fund is expected to see fingerling production jump to 166 million per season by next year, up from the current nine million.



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