New crusade for farmers to grow passion fruit

06 May, 2021 - 14:05 0 Views
New crusade for farmers to grow passion fruit

The Sunday Mail

Tendai Chara

FARMERS have been encouraged to grow passion fruit, which marketing experts say has a ready foreign market.

The call was made by Mr Anglistone Sibanda, the chief executive officer of Green Afrique Technologies, during a training workshop for farmers interested in becoming passion fruit outgrowers for the export market.

Anglistone Sibanda

“We are saying farmers must diversify and have products that have a ready and high-paying export market. There is great demand for Zimbabwean horticultural products in Europe, with passion fruit being one of the most sought after products,” Mr Sibanda said.

Green Afrique Technologies is an agricultural, marketing and research firm that is actively marketing passion fruit in the country.

Better known as granadilla, passion fruit is a highly nutritious tropical plant that traces its origins to South America.

It is a rich source of powerful antioxidants and has various health benefits.

Besides medicinal qualities, oil drawn from its seed can be used in the production of cosmetics, skin products and stock feed.

Granadillas are also cultivated commercially in tropical and subtropical areas for their sweet fruit.

There is huge demand for Zimbabwe’s horticultural products across the globe, especially in the European markets.

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