NEW: Baba Ngaa ventures into film production

03 Mar, 2023 - 14:03 0 Views
NEW: Baba Ngaa ventures into film production

The Sunday Mail

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BUDDING musician Chamunorwa Muchengetwa, who uses the stage name “Baba Ngaa”, has set his sights on drama production.

The Chitungwiza-based musician is currently working on a drama series titled “Mutoriro”.

Apart from music and filmmaking,  he is also an aspiring writer.

Baba Ngaa

He has authored a yet-to-be-published novel titled “Nyoka Ndeipi”.

“Mutoriro”, he said, proffers possible solutions to the scourge of drug and substance abuse.

“In the drama series, we featured both drug addicts and those that used to abuse drugs, but are now clean.

“This is a practical way of luring drug addicts away from this habit,” said Baba Ngaa.

Some of the actors in the drama series are upcoming Zimdancehall artistes, who are determined to make fellow artistes understand that they can still sing and perform on stage even when they are sober.

Zimdancehall artistes have the notoriety of taking to the stage while intoxicated.


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