NEW: Afro-fusion singer pleads for support

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NEW: Afro-fusion singer pleads for support

The Sunday Mail

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AFRO-FUSION singer Anyway “Mc Breezy” Paul says local musicians are not getting due recognition from the local media.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Online, the artist said priority was being given to foreign musicians on local radio stations.

The 26-year-old said it was crucial for budding musicians to get support from the media for them to realise their full potential.

“I have submitted my music to several radio stations on a number of occasions; however, to my surprise, not once has it been played,” bemoaned Mc Breezy.

The musician has been recording and releasing songs since 2014.

His music is driven by the need to help people, especially women facing challenges.

“I want to transform people’s lives through music, and I get my happiness in doing so,” he said.

The Afro-fusion singer is also battling to secure bookings for live shows.

“I do not have a manager, so I find it very hard to secure shows. Likewise, I cannot go it alone since I do not have money to pay for venues and related costs.”

Meanwhile, Mc Breezy intends to collaborate with established artists

His outstanding track thus far is “Anything For You”, which features his producer, Raphael Mitela.

“I’m hoping to produce or collaborate with big singers like ExQ, Tamy Moyo and Nutty O.”

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