Naiza Boom is here to stay: Machiwona

15 Oct, 2023 - 00:10 0 Views
Naiza Boom is here to stay: Machiwona

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

NAIZA BOOM founder and director Michael “Naiza Boom” Machiwona has vowed that his group will not fall by the wayside.

This follows the departure of four original members of the group amid a flurry of accusations and counter-accusations.

Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero), Yvonne Chirowa (Vhovho), Myron Muswe (Ozemwa) and Enlight Muzira (Netsai) left the group, citing low salaries and Machiwona’s alleged unprofessional behaviour.

The departed members went on to form their own group.

Six members of the group, among them Dhafu (Cathy Chapungu) and Solo (Tatenda Mutasa), elected to stay put.

Chirinda accused Machiwona of being “selfish” and “unprofessional”.

“That guy doesn’t want to pay his workers. Imagine we were earning as little as US$300 per month.

Apart from the low salaries, he is arrogant and does not want to consult,” Chirinda said.

An agitated Muswe challenged Naiza Boom and predicted the demise of the popular group.

“This group will surely fold if Naiza Boom does not change his ways. I am warning him to pull up his socks since our new group will take the acting scene by storm,” Muswe said.

Naiza Boom shot back, vowing that his group is there to stay.

“We are here to stay. I know that people like Jatiwero are dreaming of our downfall. Those who left are not bigger than the whole group,” retorted Naiza Boom.

He further accused Jatiwero of trying to destroy his group so that the new outfit he formed would prosper.

“The departure was not caused by a monetary dispute as Jatiwero might want people to believe. Jatiwero wants our group to collapse so that his new outfit would take our place.”

“Like I said earlier, Jatiwero is only dreaming.”

Naiza Boom said a number of actors have since knocked on his door, seeking employment.

“Naiza Boom is a brand and individual members cannot be bigger than this brand. Many actors are approaching us as they seek to fill the gaps that were left by those who left us,” said Machiwona, who is the group’s script writer.

He said it is normal for group members to leave for greener pastures.

“It is common for band or group members to leave and start their own projects. The likes of Alick Macheso and Jah Prayzah, among others, at one time lost key members,” Naiza Boom said.

Contrary to what was said by the former members, Naiza Boom said he never cut the members’ salaries.

“As a group, we agreed that we save our monthly earnings so that we can buy each member a car. In total, we bought six cars,” he explained.

According to Naiza Boom, Jatiwero bought an Altezza, Netsai has a Toyota Belta and Paida a Mark X.

Blacky bought a Toyota Belta and Dhimba a BMW 320, with Ozemwa acquiring a Ford Focus.

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