Musicians launch Triple Entente

08 Dec, 2017 - 11:12 0 Views
Musicians launch Triple Entente

The Sunday Mail

Takudzwa Chihambakwe
ZIMBABWEAN musicians have joined hands to fight common enemies such as the debilitating economy, lack of corporate support and a defunct creative industry.

Reggae crooner Mannex, Afro-fusion singer Mbeu and energetic rhumba outfit Diamond Musica have decided to pool their resources and talents to conquer the showbiz scene.

The Sunday Mail caught up with Mannex ahead of the trio’s gig at the New Ambassador Hotel this Friday and he explained their goal.

“We have shared the stage on various occasions over the course of the year and the vibe has been good so we decided that as the year ends, we should treat our fans to a unique music experience,” he said.

Mannex added that they are working on taking their concept to other parts of the country.

“We would like to take this musical treat to the rest of the country, if not the world. We are anticipating that fans will love this fusion as it is worth their hard-earned cash and precious time.”

Besides enjoying the music, Mannex said the platform is also meant for fans to network.

Said Mannex: “We encourage our fans to interact in terms of business ventures and links at these gigs. We have created this synergy to show the world that artistes can organise and promote their own shows if they unite through support from fans.

“We are aiming to start from our own ghettos and hometowns to establish this union and personally I am looking forward to host Diamond Musica and Mbeu in Warren Park at a venue to be announced soon.Mbeu will host us in Norton but this first one is at Ambassador Hotel Roof Top where rhumba has established its home.”

The dreadlocked reggae singer said the economic situation in the country had forced them to be innovative.

“Artistes are the most affected at all times. When people are unemployed, they won’t have much to spare for entertainment. It strains us as bands as we are expected to always deliver the highest quality sound, yet it’s very costly to buy or hire equipment. Then there is also the advertising aspect.”

Mannex, Mbeu and Diamond Musica hope that their combination will lessen the costs of putting a show together, thereby lightening the burden.

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