Mushika-shika out of control

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Mushika-shika out of control

The Sunday Mail

By Harare Junior Council Youth Media Project

The quick decline in economic stability has led to the inevitable manhunt for sources of income. Some of these sources, however, are detrimental to the collective growth of the city and development of the youth.

Amongst these sources is the Mushika-shika. Due to the increase in numbers of commuters, the competition has become stiff therefore bus terminuses as well as ranks have grown incapable of meeting the demand.

The word Mushika-shika, which stems from the Zulu word “umshika-shika” meaning to hustle, shows how we have a resilient nature to overcome difficult situations. However it has brought more harm than good, as the Mushika-shika storm has turned the Sunshine City into the City of Darkness.

These buses are driven by the under aged and unlicensed drivers who are not fully equipped and knowledgeable to serve in the industry. Notable incidents are the unfortunate death of a Girls High student in 2016 and the notorious hit and run of the Junior Mayor, His Worship Elton Phiri on November 3, 2017.

His Worship narrated that an unidentified commuter was speeding through the crowded streets near the Copacabana Bus Terminus and was headed in the way of His Worship and 2 unidentified women.

The heroics of the Junior Mayor to push the two women out of the street proved to be near fatal as he was hit on the leg and sent flying onto the curb and landing on his knee. The commuter didn’t stop proving the remorselessness, gross disrespect of human life and lack the decency to look out for the lives of our fellow citizens.

How far can we let this storm blow out of control? How many people must be injured or lose their lives before we wake up to the harsh reality we have created for our youth? This form of violence must stop.

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