Muripo faces busy schedule

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Muripo faces busy schedule Sunday Mail

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Tinashe Kusema
SENSEI Samson Muripo’s reaction to his triumph at the Third International So-Kyokushin Karate Tournament held in Iran was to go back into the dojo and work even harder.

Muripo has been holed up in South Africa since his world title win in February, perfecting his craft under the trusted eye of Sensei Duplesis, but returned to Zimbabwe last week to recharge his batteries.

The karateka, who turned 39 earlier this month, has tournaments lined up in Europe and Asia over the coming months. “Winning is not the end, it’s the beginning of a lot more hard work,” said Muripo. “I took a couple weeks to rest my body, after the grueling weather conditions and fights I came across in Iran but returned to training with more zeal.

“I have been in South Africa over the last few months and working with Sensei Du Plessis has been a wonderful experience. I have been mixing different kinds of training to improve my martial way and rediscover myself. “The training mostly comprises of six segmented hours, a day, with a good balanced diet and I feel I have improved as a fighter through it.”

While many athletes slow down when they near 40 Muripo is ready to defy the odds. “The purpose of taking part in the 3rd International So-Kyokushin Karate tournament was to see if I still had what it takes to continue fighting and the win reaffirmed that. “I can still compete and win at the highest level and there is absolutely no reason to quit now,” he said.

A busy schedule awaits Muripo over the coming weeks. “Depending on the availability of sponsorship I should be back in action again next month,” he revealed. “I have a tournament in Holland, at the end of next month, and another in Brazil in August.

“Early July I am supposed to be in Kazakhstan, as a coach this time, for one of our own upcoming fighters who was selected to be part of Shinkyokushin Africa team after scooping silver at the All-Africa Shinkyokushin Karate Tournament in South Africa.”

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