Mudzidzi Wimbo preached peace, unity

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Mudzidzi Wimbo preached peace, unity

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The late Mudzidzi Wimbo, the revered and mystic leader of the Johane Masowe Vadzidzi VaJesu Church, prophesied the ascendancy of President Mnangagwa to the leadership of the country some eight years ago, a source within the church hierarchy exclusively told The Sunday Mail Society.

Born Aaron Mhukuta, Mudzidzi Wimbo succumbed to renal failure at the age of 96 in Harare a fortnight ago.

He was buried at the church’s shrine in Pfute Village under Chief Madziva, about 20 kilometres from Mount Darwin last week.

“In 2010, the church leadership, which is made up of myself, Ishmael Mugodi, Zex Pamacheche and Eddison Mukohwa was summoned to the late Mudzidzi’s residency and the prophecy was pronounced. We were, however, told that this information was highly classified and should only be made public at the right time,” Mr Shepherd Chingwena, the church spokesperson said.

According to Chingwena, the prophecy further stated that Zimbabwe was going to prosper under President Mnangagwa’s stewardship.

“Mudzidzi further prophesied that the country will prosper under President Mnangagwa,” added Chingwena.

In the past, Chingwena refuted claims that the late spiritual leader had made prophecies regarding the leadership of the country.

“Like I said, the time was not yet ripe for us to make the pronouncement. Doing so would have exposed the President to grave dangers. I am saying this because the time is now ripe,” said Chingwena.

According to Chingwena, for purposes of disguising the real identity of the President, Mudzidzi often referred to President Mnangagwa as “Mutumbuka” during discussions.

Mudzidzi Wimbo shot to national prominence after making one of the most important political prophecies.

In 1957, he pronounced that independent Zimbabwe would be led by a man with the name of an angel – Gabriel – and in 1980, the former leader of the country, Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe, was elected into office

Apart from the fame, the prophecy brought with it sleepless nights as he was continuously nagged by politicians who were demanding to know the future leader of the country.

In recent years, a power struggle over the control of the church erupted, pitting the four-man leadership council that Mudzidzi Wimbo had appointed in 2010 against some of his sons.

Mudzidzi Wimbo anointed Mugodi as his successor, giving him the task of leading the church’s estimated one million followers.

Although he was buried in a casket worth more than $5 000, Mudzidzi Wimbo, for the better part of his life, lived a simple life, spending most of his time at the shrine, healing the sick and preaching to his followers.

He lived a modest life and among his few possessions were the three modest houses that he bought for his wives in Bindura and Shamva.

“Mudzidzi was not interested in material things. He left his modest homestead and lived amongst his followers here at the shrine. He was humble, hard-working and a great leader,” Chingwena said.

The spiritual leader preached the gospel of peace and unity until he breathed his last.

However, Mudzidzi Wimbo’s two wives and scores of children did not attend his funeral and burial.

According to Chingwena, Mudzidzi Wimbo foretold most of the things that happened later in his life.

“Mudzidzi also foretold the leadership wrangle, the opening of the school and how his family was going to desert him. We were not surprised when members of his family failed to attend the funeral and burial,” Chingwena said.

Questioned why the church hastily buried the iconic spiritual leader, Chingwena said the church was simply fulfilling their late leader’s wish.

“Before his death, he instructed us that in the event of his death, we were supposed to bury him on the very day. Mudzidzi told us that Jesus Christ was buried a day after his death and Mudzidzi wanted us to do like-wise,” Chingwena said.

According to the church doctrine, the next leader of the church will occupy the mansion that housed Mudzidzi Wimbo.

Chingwena explained: “The house belongs to the church and as such will be occupied by our new leader. It is like a company house.”

The late church leader’s estate, which includes a sleek Mercedes Benz which was donated to him by the church, will be distributed to the cleric’s family during a memorial service that will be held at the shrine next month.

The church was formed in 1931 by Shonhiwa Sixpence, who was originally from Gandanzara in Manicaland. The next leader of the church was Mudyiwa Dzangare from Chiweshe who handed over the spiritual leadership of the church to Madzibaba Wimbo in 1987.

Chingwena called upon the members of the church to rally behind the leaders.

“We must remain united and rally behind the leadership so that we fulfil the wishes of our late leader,” concluded Chingwena.

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