Ms Santa to join in Christmas carols

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Ms Santa to  join in Christmas carols Santa Clause distributes goodies to people at the official Christmas lighting ceremony at Africa Unit Square in Harare last week. - Picture: Memory Mangombe

The Sunday Mail

Emmanuel Kafe
LIFE and Liberty Church International will for the first time break from religious tradition at their midweek Christmas Carols Service by candlelight when they introduce a Mother Christmas ahead of Christmas Day celebrations.

The event takes place on Wednesday at Girls High Gymnasium Hall.

Led by Bishop Noah Pashapa, the church introduces “Mother Christmas” as a way of deconstructing the concept of Father Christmas that is consistent and historical with western Christian civilisation which they believe is patriarchal.

Father Christmas typically has been a male figure for ages and children all over adore him for his unique appearance, stature, and his funny features and most importantly because of the gifts he dishes out on Christmas.

LLCZ’s Mother Christmas at the event will be a single mother.

“This is a way of fighting the stigma and discrimination that comes with being a single parent and the belief that single parents cannot do anything in church,” he said.

Bishop Pashapa added that Wednesday will be a night of fun, punctuated by cross cultures as family, friends and partners of the church will celebrate with anyone interested.

Ms Emilda Vhiriri, deaconness and worship director of Life Liberty Church Zimbabwe, said the event will embrace people from different backgrounds and culture.

“This not to be missed event is the perfect way to start your week and get into the festive spirit and mood ahead of Christmas,” she said.

She said the event will be a colourful, magical and heartwarming candlelit concert, with traditional carols which attendees can sing-along to, as well as choral performances by Children of Zion praise team.

Christmas carols are hymns and psalms whose lyrics are Christmas themed.

They are traditionally sung on Christmas and were introduced to the church by St Francis of Assisi in the 12th century.

Ms Vhiriri added that Christmas carols provide an opportunity for the church to come together and celebrate the birth of Christ in a fun-filled atmosphere characterised by singing hymns, dance, poetry and Bible readings.

The church believes that Christmas celebrations do not have to be materialistic.

“It’s a time to fellowship through sharing and giving love, time and devotion with family, friends and neighbours,” said Ms Vhiriri.

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