Mr President, help us bring them back home

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The Sunday Mail

Aaron Madhuku
We as the Madhuku family haven’t had a rest since the attainment of independence in 1980, because our son, Willie Madhuku never returned from the liberation struggle.

Willie Madhuku was born in 1957 in Mushakavanhu village under Chief Mutema in Chipinge District. He was the second born in a family of five boys.

Together with his friends namely Enough Mushakavanhu, Chituko Gezi, Mathatha Fesu and Mugecho went to Mozambique in 1977 for military training in order to join fellow comrades in fighting the oppressive colonial government of Ian Smith.

They went through Espungabera on their way to Chibawawa Toronga Refugee camp.

On leaving Toronga Refugee camp, they went to Chimoio base 2 and then went for training in Tanzania, Nachingwea East Africa.

Willie recieved training in Tanzania under a group known as Fanyaharaka.

They trained at Farm 8 Phase 1 and later Farm 17.

His Chimurenga name is not known to us; who his commanders were or were they were deployed after training or the names of his trainers /instructors.

No one has heard about Willie and his friends ever since.

Together with his friends, they did not return after independence.

Our parents have since died with the sole wish of meeting him or at least know what happened to him. If he died, we would want to know where he is buried.

As his elder brother, I am appealing for information on my young brother, Willie in order to get closure on this haunting matter.

Whatever information will make a big difference in giving closure to the Madhuku family.

You may contact me on; 0777 701 215 or 0712 038 313

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