Motor Action reclaims Sunday

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Motor Action reclaims Sunday

The Sunday Mail

THE festive period is on the horizon and it comes as no surprise that there has also been a hive of activity on the leisure scene with numerous new spots being opened in the capital.

Club Katar, Emoji and Connect are some of the new places that have added options for merrymakers as Harare gears up for the December “silly season”.

As competition heats up, both new and old watering holes have their knives out, creating interesting concepts in a bid to lure clients.

In the midst of all this, Motor Action Sports Club has managed to reclaim its title as the top Sunday spot.

For the greater part of 2015 and 2016, the Motor Action Epic Sundays entertainment concept was among the most popular in Harare before being moved to a smaller venue, The Volt.

Since Platinum Entertainment’s return to the sports club early this year, these “Epic Sundays” have slowly regained their popularity if the numbers they have been attracting of late are anything to go by.


This is simply the place to be for those who want to shut down their weekend with a bang. Unlike some prominent outlets with class structures, the atmosphere at this particular Sunday session creates a level playing field where people from all walks of life mix and mingle on the same turf.

From celebrities and socialites to your ordinary Joe, all are welcomed with open arms.

Besides entrance being free, the drinks are also affordable, which makes for an interesting bargain or rather an attractive chill spot after a weekend spending spree.

With a talented contingent of DJs and MCs, including Candyman, Treehouse, Ikonik Krimz, Yung Fresh, Big Dollar Bruce and Abisha Palmer, there is never a shortage of entertainment.

Alert to the growing demands of the ballooning clientele, the brains behind the operation, Spencer Madziya, has done a great job ensuring that there are improvements on both the venue and services.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society, Madziya highlighted that Motor Action has been and continues to be the place of choice for outdoor summer partying.

“The location, ambience, entertainment and hospitality creates one of the finest spots to be. The concept has over the years evolved as we seek to give value to our clients or rather partners, as we would like to call them.

“We have done some renovations and have also introduced an outdoor sport live streaming van with a big screen for our sports lovers. Besides all the improvements we are making, our DJ line up gives Motor Action the tag of being Sunday’s best,” said Madziya.


He added that they are planning various interesting activities and events for the festive season so as to cater for their patrons.

“The festive season has many surprises as we seek to give our partners the very best of entertainment and like we always say ‘it’s business doing pleasure with you’. We promise to stick to our end of the bargain – giving you only the best.”

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