Motor Action goes big in ‘20 Plenty’

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Motor Action goes big in ‘20 Plenty’

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

THE first month of the year usually has a lazy leisure scene as merrymakers suffer from the notorious “January disease” or choose to recuperate from the festive season’s drinking binges.

Most entertainers take their annual breaks during these preliminary stages of the year as business is slow.

However, 2020 has been a bit different, especially in the capital’s party community which has remained steadfast in these trying times.

From the first edition of the year, Motor Action Sports Club’s Epic Sundays set the ball rolling, attracting hundreds of patrons.

As it turned out, these were merely warning shots of what the joint has in store for the year as the past few weekends have been bigger despite the rains. While this Sunday concept is a well-known prime leisure fix, the organisers, Platinum Entertainment, seem to have injected party steroids to their events if recent activities are anything to go by.

Not only has the joint been attracting large numbers, it has also become a hive for top celebrities and socialites.

From big spenders like Uncle Roland to top artistes that include Killer T and Seh Calaz, the endorsement for this particular party has been immense.

And there are no signs of slowing down as the muscle behind the project is promising more epic parties for the rest of the year.

They have even dubbed the year “20Plenty”, highlighting that they have many exciting events lined up.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society, the figure at the helm of this movement, Spencer Madziya, said they started the year on a high note and intend to keep the ball rolling for the rest of the calendar.

“The year has started off at a blistering pace, it has been non-stop full house partying as we have not taken a break since the festive season. We are calling the year ‘20Plenty’ as we have our pot stewing at the moment. We are ready to dish out new concepts and festivals,” said Madziya.

Besides the normal Sunday episodes, they will also be hosting several mega events during the course of the year, including the Motor Action Diaspora Reunion in April and the Reggae Fest, which will also incorporate the Bob Marley Commemorations on May 24.

“On the cards we already have the second edition of our annual Reggae Fest, which will also feature the Bob Marley Commemorations in May. We are also hosting an exciting Zim-Diaspora Reunion. It is being coordinated by UK based group, Zim-Thrive. We are looking forward to an exciting 20Plenty at Motor Action with our usual suspects of top DJs, MCs and artistes.”

Abisha Palmer

In a separate interview, popular MC Abisha Palmer said the Motor Action Epic Sundays is currently the biggest party in town.

“You hear people talking about the January disease, but if you have been coming to the Motor Action Epic Sundays since the first edition of the year, you would think that we are still in the festive season because the vibe has just been explosive,” said Palmer.

He added: “We have some really good entertainers on the line-up, which makes this an attractive affair. Even if it rains, people still come through because they know that they are still going to have a good time.”

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