Miss World 2017: Zimbabwe queen ready for crown

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Miss World 2017: Zimbabwe queen ready for crown

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EVER since she was crowned Miss World Zimbabwe 2017 on July 22, ravishing Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva has been in boot camp at a local hotel in preparation for the Miss World pageant.

Also in camp are First and Second Princesses Evelyn Njelele and Kundai Claire Somerai as well as Tariro Zvizhinji, Miss People’s Choice.

The four winners have two chaperons to look after their welfare. The two doting women never let Mhosva out of sight.

To complete the queen’s entourage is a personal trainer and driver.

With the reigning queen winding up her preparations for Miss World 2017 contest scheduled for November 18 in Sanya, China; The Sunday Mail Society last week spent two days with her to observe her preparedness.

There is still over a month to go to the final beauty contest, yet the vivacious 22-year-old Mhosva is more than ready and raring to go. She leaves for China this Thursday, October 19, hopes high that she will charm the judges at Miss World with her beauty and wit.

Team Zim strategy

One hundred and twenty beautiful women will be competing for the coveted Miss World 2017 title come November 19. However, the competition does not start on that night. Rather that will be a conclusion to a month-long arduous selection for the world’s most beautiful woman.

Contestants will be judged through a talent challenge, a closed door interview, athletic challenges, as well as the beauty with a purpose challenge. Mhosva intends to cover as much ground as possible in the sporting activities as well as the interview.

“I am very good at marathon, I used to do 12km at school. I am also looking forward to the interview,” said Mhosva confidently.

Her day starts at 6am with an hour’s workout in the gym. Her personal trainer, Israel Zinyathi, takes her through the drills four days a week. After breakfast, there is marathon, javelin, discus throw and shot put on some days.

At Miss World, winners of the track events automatically qualify to get into the Top 40.

Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva in gym wear

Chiedza Lorraine Mhosva in gym wear

Beauty with a purpose

Real beauty is not skin deep, it is found deep inside; where the human conscience feels other people’s hurt and carries their burdens.

The true definition of beauty is unlimited generosity and compassion. This beauty queen donated half of her prize money (US$10 000) towards sanitary towels for the Doma women in Chief Chapoto’s area, Kanyemba.

“My Beauty with a Purpose project focuses on cervical cancer. The Doma women use elephant dung during their menstrual periods. That tore my heart apart. There could be harmful objects and substances in that dung. Therefore, when I got my prize money I had to do something, no matter how small,” narrated Mhosva.

Together with her entourage from the Miss Zimbabwe Trust, Mhosva last month descended on Kanyemba village laden with fleece material, sewing threads and needles.

The beauty queen took the community members through some lessons on how to make durable, washable sanitary pads.

The elephant pad

“We coined a name that would best describe the versatility of the pads that are serving a Herculean task in the fight against cervical cancer.

One pad can be used for two years. Come to think of it, they were previously using elephant dung and so this is something they can relate with.”

Mhosva is planning on making follow-up visits at her earliest convenience.


Thus Mhosva is beautiful inside. Now, for that flawless look that gets heads turning whenever she saunters into a room, Gamuchirai Manyika, a popular Harare make-up artiste, does her make-up.

“Inasmuch as pageantry is about the whole being, the outer image is also very important,” Mhosva explains.

Sometimes, however, Mhosva makes use of her personal skills to do her own make-up.

Woman on a mission

Woman on a mission

Miss World wardrobe

Nothing is being left to chance. The dress for the big night is being custom-made in South Africa by Spero Villioti, a prominent Zimbabwe-born designer. Villioti has dressed international models Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks among others.

Mhosva’s design has already been picked. Apart from the ultimate dress, the reigning queen was also recently flown to SA for a surprise shopping spree by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Mrs Marry Chiwenga, whom she describes as “very big- hearted and passionate about the modelling industry”.

Her favourite accessories include bracelets, watches and lip gloss. As for jewellery, Mhosva would rather go plain if the pieces are not genuine.

“And I just love a good shoe, whether it is a stiletto, sneaker or pump; it just has to be pretty.”

The chauffeur-driven queen

Two weeks after being crowned Miss World Zimbabwe, Mhosva received her prestigious prizes, which included a brand new blue Kia Picanto and US$20 000.

However, the 22-year-old is not a licensed driver, therefore, she currently enjoys the services of a personal chauffeur.

“I only hold a provisional driver’s licence, therefore, I’m driven around. I will work on getting my licence on my return from China.”

Chiedza the actress

For the Miss World finals’ talent challenge, Mhosva might showcase her acting skills through either a monologue drama or a poem. However, a final decision is yet to be made.

“Growing up, I wanted to be so many things. I wanted to be a politician, a doctor, a chef. I then realised that the best way to have it all would be through acting.”

A Professional Acting for Camera student who had to defer her studies in Cape Town so as to pave way for her reign, Mhosva cannot wait to conquer the big international screen. The gorgeous beauty queen is also a scriptwriter.

Vocal training

One of Mhosva’s assets is her soft and yet authoritative voice.

The whole world might get the opportunity to listen to her speak if she gets to be asked an impromptu question in China at the finals, which will be broadcast live internationally.

Mhosva says she knows competition will be tough but she will give it her all to make Zimbabwe proud.

Zazalicious, a radio personality, has been sharpening Mhosva’s vocal skills every evening.

“She teaches me to speak like a queen, how to bring power to my voice.”

Zaza seems to be doing a good job.

And Romeo?

Although Mhosva is currently unattached romantically, she is not in any hurry to fall in love.

“I would like to take my time. When you are a model, you are more like an artwork, therefore, there is bound to be attention from the opposite sex. That is not going to get into my head.

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