Mhondoro’s own sacred city

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Mhondoro’s own sacred city Members of the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World pay homage at the shrine in Mhondoro, which is set to become a Centre for Religious Tourism following the construction of structures that resemble the ancient Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

The Sunday Mail

Emmanuel Kafe
A local church has embarked on an ambitious project to build a replica of the city of Jerusalem in Mhondoro, a site that is likely to attract tourists on completion.

The St John’s Apostolic Church of the Whole World, led by Dr Sydney Mabhiza, has already started construction of the stone city.

The church’s secretary general, Bishop Evans Mariga said the ‘holy city’ will host Christians from all denominations for prayer.

“Even though the city sits in a remote area, we believe that many people will visit to seek spiritual help.

“Many will come to seek answers from here,” he said.

Bishop Mariga said Dr Mabhiza frequently receive revelations from God on how the city should be built.

“All the developments here are spiritually designed. This is because our leader Bishop Mabhiza receives instructions from God.

“This huge city will have an enclosure for church conferences, recreational facilities, guest houses and a state-of-the-art hospital.

“The hospital will be open to everyone in and around the area.”

Upon completion, Bishop Mariga said the place will feature a museum and a Hall of fame for religious leaders, a ‘Garden of Eden’ and a waterfall that will attract tourists.

He also said St John’s City’ is being built with stones in the same way the Great Zimbabwe was built.

“The first thing that draws any visitor’s eye is the high level of craftsmanship displayed on the stone work.

“The walls spread between rocky outcrops and massive layered rocks, forming a maze of narrow passageways and enclosures.

“The chiselled creations are poised to turn Mhondoro rural area into a place of pride and pilgrimage for worshippers from across the length and breadth of the world. Most impressive is an enclosed space, a spectacular semi-circle monument being constructed from granite blocks.

“Its outer wall extends over 200 meters and it has a maximum height of not less than eight meters, becoming one of the largest stone-works in the country.”

St John’s Apostolic Church of the Whole World has branches in South Africa, Botswana and United Kingdom, among other countries.

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