Measures to avert hunger set in motion

28 Apr, 2019 - 00:04 0 Views
Measures to avert hunger set in motion

The Sunday Mail

Priscilla Kamurira

Zimbabwe sits on five months maize reserves before harvest of this season’s crop and there is no need for people to panic.

Government will import the staple grain to augment the national grain reserve, a senior Government official has said.

Lands, Agriculture and Rural Settlement Deputy Minister Vangelis Haritatos said in the wake of anticipated low yields after a drought, Government had offered a subsidy of 38,5 percent to millers in order to ensure the price of maize meal remains affordable.

The development comes after an upward review in the maize producer price from $390 to $726, which is envisaged to ensure farmers deliver their harvests and be able to get enough money to prepare for the next farming season.

“We still have in excess of five months’ maize in stock. People should take note that this is before the current 2018/2019 maize season deliveries.

“The Government will not hesitate to import maize to supplement our supplies and no one will go hungry.”

Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) president Mr Abdul Nyathi commended the new maize producer price, but called on Government to look into the issue of farming inputs cost

“The Government raised the producer prices, but inputs, especially the hybrid seeds, that have been currently introduced, are pegged at high prices,” he said.

“This will leave farmers to grow low yield seeds which are affordable and stop us from reaching maximum production levels.”

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) president Mr Shadreck Makombe, however, said the new maize producer price had been eroded by increase in inputs cost.


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