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Mazowe best in Mash Central Sunday Mail

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Surely success calls for a reward. Mazowe High School, the benchmark of high school education and centre of reference in education thoughts countrywide, made it to the top in 2016, attaining a 92,7 percent pass rate, the top pass rate in Mashonaland Central.

The school last won the Secretary Merit Award in 2007 but due to the recent rejuvenation of the school’s spirit as well as efforts portrayed by the school body (staff and students) and the support from parents and the school’s external supporters, Mazowe again proved to be worthy of the Secretary`s Merit Award for 2016.

And on June 15, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango blessed Mazowe High with a visit to present the merit award.

Thousands of people attended the occasion and these included district schools inspectors, school heads, Mazowe SDC members, parents as well as students from Mazowe’s sister school, Bradley.

The high-powered delegation, led by the Permanent Secretary, who was the guest of honour, had a tour of the school, where all activities which define Mazowe High where presented and explained to her and the team.

Presentations, among them the one explaining the new curriculum, were made, as well as presentations from the departments of science, arts and commerce. The tour included the school fish pond, the weather station, the grinding mill and the school’s piggery.

After the tour, the Permanent Secretary was escorted by the Mazowe High School brass band and as well as Bradley High School’s tambourine players to the school pavilion, venue of the event.

Devotions were given by the school administrator, followed by a presentation by the School Development Committee chairperson, Mr Dandira, who highlighted the school’s development plans, up to 2020.

For winning the Secretary’s Merit Award, Mazowe Boys High School got $10 000 from FBC Bank, which has since partnered the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for the award.

Unlike in previous years when schools received cash prizes, the Permanent Secretary said winning schools now receive ICT equipment, worth that amount, which will be used for an e-classroom.

“For this amount, I am told you will get 45 laptops, an overhead projector and a white board, to help you establish an e-classroom.

The headmaster has assured me that by September, before schools start writing examinations, I will come back and officially open the e-classroom. The onus is now on the school and its parents, to use this first e-classroom as a stepping stone to having the whole school as a complete e-learning centre.”

After the prize hand-over ceremony, the Permanent Secretary went on to unveil a plaque built to mark the prize.

Commenting on the construction going on at the school, the Permanent Secretary challenged the school to continue the hard work and build more classes and hostels in order to achieve a C1-rating, which will make the school accommodate up to 1 600 students, the highest rating for schools in the country.

Meanwhile, speaking during the hand-over ceremony, the Permanent Secretary said schools can now offer driving lessons to pupils as part of exit skills pronounced in the new curriculum which is being implemented across the education sector.

Dr Utete-Masango, said her ministry had completed negotiations with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, and schools are now free to approach the latter’s Vehicle Inspection Department to arrange for the examination of students in driving lessons.

“Already one school, surprisingly so far, far away from Harare, is already offering driving lessons to its student and we would want, as part of exit skills, that schools offer driving lessons to students.

This particular school I am talking about is offering an incredible 13 practical subjects, that is what we should be thriving to achieve,” she said.

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