Mau Mau fumes over fracas

16 May, 2021 - 00:05 0 Views
Mau Mau  fumes over fracas Stalin Mau Mau

The Sunday Mail

Langton Nyakwenda

Sports Reporter

VETERAN boxing promoter Stalin Mau Mau has submitted a report on the fracas that marred the aftermath of a tournament he hosted in Harare on Saturday night last week.

A board of inquiry is also being established to investigate the milestone boxing tournament, which ended in embarrassing style.

What was supposed to be a watershed boxing tournament ended in chaotic fashion when renowned coach Clyde Musonda was involved in a brawl with former WBO Africa champion Peter Pambeni.

The incident was captured in a video that has been circulating widely on various social media platforms.

The tournament, dubbed “Peanuts to Diamonds”, was promoted by Mau Mau, who has since submitted a report to the boxing board’s secretariat.

“Yes, we have received a report from Mau Mau as requested. We have gone through the report and heard his version of the events,” said Lawrence Zimbudzana, the boxing board secretary.

“We are now in the process of establishing a board of inquiry whose report will recommend appropriate action to be taken. . .”

Both Musonda and Pambeni have since apologised to Mau Mau, but the veteran promoter is not amused with the incident, which he believes was an attempt to tarnish the extravaganza.

“The tournament was a success. We had a total of 12 professional fights plus six amateur bouts, but an unfortunate incident happened afterwards.

“It was an incident which really shocked me and was very disgusting,” Mau Mau said.

He recounted what happened.

“After the tournament ended, we assembled some boxers, sat down doing a postmortem of the tournament and after that we had a prayer from Ndodana Moyo.

“All of a sudden, Peter Pambeni and Clyde Musonda were exchanging words. It was going on even throughout the tournament, (and) it escalated into a fist fight, which was really a shock to me and very disgusting behaviour.

“People separated them. At first, they seemed to be settled . . . but all of a sudden, it flared up again. That is when Clyde broke a Viceroy Brandy bottle . . . to intimidate everybody present, including his street fight opponent.”

Musonda reportedly charged at Pambeni but was disarmed.

Mau Mau said it was unfortunate that some people were trying to sabotage a good ending to the first tournament after one-and-half years of inaction.

In the video that has been doing rounds on social media, Mau Mau is heard to be seemingly egging on Musonda and Pambeni.

“Musonda and Pambeni were separated but they couldn’t listen, so I said let them go and fight outside.

“Contrary to what is going around that I encouraged them, I didn’t, probably in anger I might have said something to that effect, but they were already fighting. They had already fought.

“As a father, you wouldn’t know how you will react when such shocking things happen.

“The reality is I did not offend anybody; I was offended in every respect, because it tarnished my tournament. If these two were not present, this wouldn’t have happened.”

He believes there is a lot of sabotage and backbiting that is negatively affecting the sport.

“There are a lot of personality battles, even on social groups, but I ignore this. I am 67-years-old and I am a great-grandfather.

“Some were even urging boxers to boycott my tournament. Boycott and achieve what? You are harming who?

“You are harming the boxers! There is lunacy behind all this conspiracy.

“Why should people continue to talk without action? They say I am paying peanuts but there is no sponsorship . . . Are we genuine? Are we sincere about developing boxing?”

Delta Force coach, Musonda, has issued a public apology.

“I have no beef with Peter Pambeni. He is my younger brother regardless of what happened last weekend.

“Such things happen in life. It was a small misunderstanding which led to what happened.

“I will keep on giving him fights if he is available because I know he is a good boxer, and boxing is his life.

“To the boxing fraternity, I would like them to accept my apology. I want to assure them that this will not happen again,” said Musonda.

Pambeni has also posted an audio on a boxing WhatsApp group where he also pays tribute to Musonda, claiming that the trainer will remain his brother.

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