Mathias Mhere keeps the faith

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Mathias Mhere  keeps the faith Mhere

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Barely a month ago, the media was awash with the alleged affair of gospel musician Mathias Mhere’s wife Susan Dzinamarira and his best friend Gift Mahlupeka through an expose of text messages.

Accusations and counter-accusations have been raised between the trio.

The story itself coincided with the launch of Mhere’s new album “Glory to Glory” and the passing on of the artist’s older brother, with some sections stating that the story was nothing more than a “publicity stunt” aimed at pushing the sales of the new album.

However, The Sunday Mail’s senior reporter, Fatima Bulla, caught up with the embattled artist who spoke on the events and his future.

The following is an extract from their interview. My name is now a brand, God has raised it. If you observe how my album has gotten into the market it’s been faster than the popular Favour after being launched on February 13.

It shows my name is now a brand. In addition even God himself who called us has his ways to spread his word, the Bible says in Isaiah God watches over his word to perform it. So the more we speak His word God watches over it to spread it to people.

I would never imagine people could think we could stoop so low to cook up bad things for media attention.

I never engaged in affairs as said by other people. Even if you analyse during the album launch that I was avoiding to speak about it because those stories were already circulating.

But to those who spoke to me I told them nothing happened which means that I can’t use my wife and family to market an album. People already know Mathias Mhere from way back what would be the purpose to do that now?

What do we benefit from that, what is it? Even piracy had already hit the album. Which other fame would I have wanted that could surpass what we were given by God which is evident right now. Those who already knew me still do. So we couldn’t do that because first we fear God the owner of his word who sent us. We can’t merge His work and immorality because these are issues that are painful and can’t be entertained. So I can’t use my wife who bore three kids for me for media purposes, I can’t do that.

I remember when Jesus cast a demon people said he was the father of demons. While he was with his parents in Nazareth someone said he couldn’t pay attention to him because he was a child of a carpenter.

How could Jesus have felt hearing such things? He heals on Sabbath and somebody ask why? All these are persecutions. Why does it happen to Christians, not non-believers? It’s the devil who blocks the word of God so it doesn’t get to its intended destination. So we become strong because we know that it’s the devil. Such situations need God no matter what they are. You can burn food while cooking in the kitchen for your husband. But because God might not be acknowledged your husband can react in a way that even you can see it wasn’t just about the burnt food. So in everything you need to pray and wait for what God says.

When King David was coming from battling some kings he returns to see his wives and wealth seized. But his army urges him to pursue his enemies. But King David goes to the prayer room to consult God which means he knew that God had his solutions.

Whenever we search for answers we don’t look at people, the same people who advise you can even change tomorrow. If you consult God everything will be okay. I don’t feel responsible for what happened. It was the devil who did that, even my wife admits. You know when we live on this earth we come from different backgrounds with different spirits.

When you get married the devil can declare that you won’t stay in that marriage so you will always be on target. The Bible says we don’t contend with flesh and blood. Which means when you tackle issues have you analysed that all this while my wife never did that?

And she doesn’t have that character! Why today? It shows something happened to her. There is a thief who came to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came with eternal life. It pained me but you have to check the record. Did my wife do this before, no she didn’t, why now? It shows the devil got a chance.

If you check on the new album there is a song entitled ‘It’s not over until its’ over’ meaning we defeated Satan on the cavalry by the blood.

But in other words it was theory on the cavalry because if you don’t pray today the devil is still there pursuing. You need to be prayerful, it’s not over until it’s over.

That’s why Paul says I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith which means it’s a race. You can run and your wife can fall down along the way. But what is important is to pick her up and to continue with the race.

Because the same thing can happen to anyone if the devil pursues them.

Paul says I prayed to God three times to remove the thorn in my flesh which meant his sickness but God said my grace is sufficient.

What I mean is we sing what God advises us to sing. You can pray for someone to be healed of cancer yet it can be in your blood. But God will be insisting that his grace is sufficient.

We are just humans being used for things of the spirit.

At times when I sing I don’t even know why God makes me sing such messages. Do you compose a song to tally with a situation like this? You can’t! On 1 February our album was done and this happened on 3 February.

God tells us what to do according to what he wants his people to receive but we are humans.

What happens to you my sister happens to me as well. You preach according to what God has instructed.

That’s the secret to my work. It’s just a story that leaked to the media otherwise there are many who might have worse situations.

I have forgiven her but what I’m trying to say is forgiveness for instance is when someone steals from you but seeing that there is a weakness then I avoid so the person can’t steal from me again.

Otherwise I will forgive and he will continue stealing.

Already forgiveness is there but the process I can’t disclose now since it’s personal and private.

My wife came from heaven ,a good wife comes from the Lord.

When Jesus was crucified he had two thieves flanking him deserving to be crucified, but the other requested to be with him in paradise. Jesus then forgave him. So who are we not to forgive.

So she remains a pillar of strength to me because I don’t look at the bad she has done today. I look at the good she has done before, in whatever you do in life learn to weigh and also see the good and realise at times it’s the devil.

Whenever your pillar lets you down at times she is feeling guilty, she is down. So I discovered that I have to be strong, I have to pull her up.

There are some processes still being followed so I can’t disclose the position.

We need counselling and so on.

There is nothing you can do without a wife. For me to be on stage she dresses me. When I leave home she knows I am going to work.

If she can’t come still she knows her husband is going to work. So no matter the time I come back home she understands that the show is that long and by such a time daddy will be back.

So being away from home for long means the wife doesn’t know what you are doing but that you are just coming home late. You have to train your wife to know you have the work of God.

My wife also loves singing and we were trying to work on her album also.

We need to pay attention because you can’t remain in spirit, if rent needs to be paid let it be paid, a woman’s sexual needs have to be taken care of as said in Corinthians.

A husband has no power over his body just like a wife doesn’t, meaning that time is needed.

Which means if we continue to pursue things of the spirit it means counselling is lacking.

These things need time management.

Looking ahead my tour to Dallas, Texas has been set for March. The visas are still being processed.

So when that is done we can then have confirmed dates for it.

In everything you ask God before you leave.

The UK was a success so sometimes when you go into foreign land God is the one who places you in grace to work with honest people.

We are going there to minister.

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