Mass wedding for 4 000 couples

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The Sunday Mail

Emmanuel Kafe and Veronica Gwaze
More than 4 000 couples from different churches under the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe around the country gathered for a mass marriage last week at an event organised by ACCZ in collaboration with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

The leaders of the Zimbabwe chapter of the FFWPU have said it is critical to strengthen families to restore God’s original plan regarding marriage.

ACCZ Archbishop Johannes Ndanga, who is also FFWPU Zimbabwe chairman, said the occasion, which has become an annual event, is meant to strengthen families and to propagate peace within families.

“The core mission of FFWPU is to strengthen marriages and families centred on God in order to create a ‘One Human Family under God’,” he said.

Archbishop Ndanga said marriage is the foundation and social fabric of the entire humankind which ought to be constructed on a godly foundation.

“When God created man (Adam and Eve), His purpose was for mankind to live according to God’s plan. When Adam and Eve failed to live according to God’s plan, they were chased out of the Garden of Eden. That became
the foundation of conflict and war,” he said.

The man of cloth said the breakdown of the family institution has eroded the sound foundations of society.

“The breakdown of families wreck the efforts to establish peace and development, thereby impeding sound social and economic development. In this sense, dysfunctional families are the most serious obstacle to achieving peace and sustainable development.

“There is a misconception by many, that weddings or marriage should be taken literally. God needs to be the centre of all marriages and that was the purpose of this marriage blessing event,” said Archbishop Ndanga.

He added: “We have made this event open for all denominations and this year we also had chiefs and their wives coming for blessings.

“We also ordained some pastors to go and spread these blessings in their respective areas to fight the ever increasing reports of divorces.”

FFWPU’s secretary-general, Dr Young Ho Yun, said their organisation is contributing towards spiritual renewal and alleviation of poverty around the world.

“It is in this spirit that you have been called upon on a mission to strengthen marriages to lead the way in securing God’s blessings upon the nation,” he said.

Married couples were encouraged to be faithful to each other while parents were urged to love and care for their children, protecting them and educating them to uphold the highest morals.

FFWPU believes that strong and healthy families are the foundation for a strong and prosperous nation.

The FFWPU was founded by Rev Dr Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Han Moon in the United States of America in July 1996.

Its International headquarters is in South Korea, with chapters in over 194 countries across the world.


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