Masowe eChishanu promotes Bible reading

21 Aug, 2016 - 00:08 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

MASOWE eChishanu’s United Kingdom chapter has called on apostolic sects to embrace the culture of reading the Bible. Spokesperson Dr Petros Chimbunde said this at an eight-week crusade at Old Hararians Sports Club last week.

Some apostolic sects do not use the Bible for their foundational principles, relying instead on their prophets for guidance.

“The only thing we want our fellow friends to realise is that we are Christians, we are not anything else other than a Christian organisation and therefore we have to abide by Christian norms and values. We are not different from any other church in the world.

“As Vapostori, we are actually supposed to be leading Christianity because (Christianity) came with Jesus and He left it to His disciples who were called apostles, the name that we are using up to today.

“But if you look at the practices that are happening in our churches today, it will be very difficult to say whether Masowe worship is part of a Christian organisation or what.

“Again, what type of a church are we building when we have at any vacant tree two, three or four people professing to be worshipping? What kind of worship is that? Why can’t we just come together because we are one church we share the same fundamental beliefs and doctrines?

“This is what brought us here. We are saying let’s come together, let’s iron out our differences and shape a proper Masowe eChishanu as a church,” he said.

Dr Chimbande said Vapostori were to blame for giving people like Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya room to criticise them.

“If we are not organised people like Magaya take advantage to demotivate us as they know that we cannot do anything because a number of things that we will be doing are evil and unbiblical.

“That is our message and we will not stop today, we will advance this cause through different platforms. This church was formed in 1931 and one cannot expect the practices that were being done back then by our forefathers to be alive now. We have to consider everything with the Word of God . . .Long back people used to wear animal skins. Can we then say we have to put on animal skins because it is our thing? No! God allows development,” Dr Chimbende added.

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