Maskiri announces comeback

26 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Maskiri announces comeback

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

RAPPER Maskiri says he is making yet another comeback.

Born Alishias Musimbe, Maskiri, who made waves during the height of the urban grooves era, revealed that he will soon release a 12-track album.

The project, which will be titled “Mbinga yeku Binga” will be his seventh studio album.

After a long hiatus, Maskiri, in 2019, released a 10-track album titled “Comeback”.

The supposed comeback did not, however, go according to Maskiri’s plans as the album failed to make the lasting impression he anticipated and desperately needed.

Prior to that, he had announced another comeback, which, however, suffered a stillbirth as the artiste failed to release “Serious Business”, an album he had promised fans for long.

However, the controversial rapper told The Sunday Mail Society that he was confident the new album will bring back the glory days.

“I was lying low since I was investing more time on my side hustles. In recent months, I have been putting much effort on my music. With this new album, I am sure that I am going to rule the roost again,” reckons Maskiri.

Two songs, “Lobengula” and “Mbinga yekuBinga” were released last year.

Maskiri said the new production carries fresh stuff and does not borrow from his previous efforts.

“I released “Lobengula” and “Mbinga yekuBinga” last year so that my fans could sample some of the songs that were going to be part of this new album. This was only a marketing gimmick and not a repetition as what some of our critics are saying,” said Maskiri.

With Zimdancehall and Zim hip-hop currently doing well on the market, Maskiri is confident his latest production will be well-received.

“It is a fact that Zimdancehall and Zim hip-hop are the genres that are having large followers. The urban grooves genre is here to stay and my album will prove that. The urban grooves is unique and we have our own followers.”

The rapper is, however, worried that most of his colleagues that were part of the urban grooves movement are no longer active.

“When we started, we had the likes of Extra-large, Roy and Royce, Tambaoga, Sanii Makalima, Decibel and Trinity among others. The majority of the artistes are no longer doing music and I am worried that this may lead to the extinction of our brands as urban grooves founders,” said Maskiri.

The artiste is famed for such hits as “Zverudo”, “Dhara Rangu” and “Wenera” among others.

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