Marriage bond sacred, President

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Marriage bond sacred, President

The Sunday Mail

Levi Mukarati Deputy News Editor

Marriage is an important institution whose bond is sacred, spiritual and built on morality, President Mugabe has said. The President said in any marriage, there were ups and downs but it was crucial for couples to fsight temptations to safeguard the holy union. The President was speaking at the wedding of Tawanda Sibanda and Vimbayi Kajese at a private venue in Harare last night where he was the guest of honour.

Tawanda is the only son to Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda while Vimbayi is the second born to Ambassador Munyaradzi Kajese who is the President’s Chief of Protocol.

“I’m delighted that the two enjoy the bond, the bond of marriage is sacred, the bond is spiritual, the bond is moral, the bond is customary and the bond is divine,” said President Mugabe
“What He has put together, let no man put asunder, that’s what matters. It is God given. You should know that man alone is not sufficient, woman alone is inadequate . . . if you don’t get the other half you are incomplete, you would not have fulfilled your role in life, the role we expect of togetherness which gives us the family we want

“It is a hard task (for couples) to march hand in glove these days. It is a march on a road with hardships, temptations and burdens and it is a road that leads up the hill all the time.
“But when you get up the hill you should be able to look down that hill, you should say we have walked all this way up and we are still together, to say, sure we have accomplished our mission. How many (couples) are able to do that?”

President Mugabe said many marriages were collapsing because couples failed to overcome temptations.
He urged the young couple to value the vows they had made and to always be loyal to their parents.

President Mugabe also took the occasion to shower praises to Dr Sibanda and Ambassador Kajese whom he described as loyal, hardworking and trustworthy.
“Your parents are trustworthy people. I honestly trust them, they are loyal people. If you give them a job they will fulfill it,” he said to cheers from invited guests who included Vice President Mujuru, service chief, ministers, senior government officials and diplomats.

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