Marondera residents stranded

02 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Priscilla Kamurira

MARONDERA Municipality is failing to provide portable water to its residents despite the completion of a multi-million dollar Wenimbi Water Pipeline project some six years ago.

The Wenimbi project, completed in 2013, heightened hopes of access to a reliable water supply.

However, water taps in the town are dry most of the time, leaving residents stranded.

Marondera Mayor Councillor Chengetai Marova admitted that the municipality is facing challenges in availing clean water to residents.

“The water pipes from Wenimbi Dam to Hunyani Dam are big enough to supply Marondera with water,” he said.

“However, from Hunyani to Dombotombo water works, the water pipes are small. This makes it difficult to sufficiently supply the surrounding areas with water.

“The power cuts are also affecting the pumping of water from Wenimbi Dam.”

Clr Marova said the water reservoirs in the town were designed to supply 25 000 residents. However, the population has since swelled to over 65 000.

Marondera Urban Business Association outgoing advisor Mr Moses Chikwariro said the supply of water in the town is erratic.

Mr Chikwariro said it is a miracle that the town has not witnessed any major outbreak of waterborne diseases.

“Sourcing water from Wenimbi Dam is more economic as it requires less water treatment chemicals, compared to sourcing water from Nyambuya Dam and other surrounding dams which are heavily polluted,” he said.

“We are puzzled and do not understand why we are still experiencing water shortages. Residents were promised that the Wenimbi Water Pipeline project would end their water woes.”

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