Man dies after mistaking poison for Zed

04 May, 2014 - 00:05 0 Views
Man dies after mistaking  poison  for Zed

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In a case that has shaken villagers in Manicaland’s Zimunya area, a local man died in his home last week on Monday after he mistook a tobacco treatment chemical for the illegal brew, Zed, and consumed it.
Mr Pinos Muhanjana (47) was already drunk when he downed the poisonous chemical. Mr Muhanjana is said to have arrived home drunk. He then hid a half-full bottle of Zed in one of the rooms at the homestead. Earlier, he had also hidden the poisonous chemical in a similar bottle.

Disaster struck when he decided to take another sip of the highly potent alcoholic mix and ended up consuming the poisonous chemical instead. He could not tell the difference since he was drunk.

His wife, Ms Sekai Muzandaka, discovered the fatal mistake after seeing him wriggling on the floor and gave him some milk, hoping to neutralise the poison.

However, it was too late and Mr Mahunjana died as she was preparing to take him to a nearby clinic.
Manicaland police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda said it was illegal to sell or purchase Zed. The alcoholic mix poses serious health risks.

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