Malaba expresses dismay at fruits of independence

20 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail Reporter
Former Sunday Mail Editor Brezhnev Malaba has expressed dismay at the fruits of independence from British colonial rule, saying the 34th anniversary of the occasion left a “sour taste in the mouth”.
Malaba joins the ranks of senior MDC-T officials, like Mr Eddie Cross, who are unhappy with the progress the country has made since Independence.

Writing on his Twitter account on Friday, Malaba said “high levels of poverty and corruption, coupled with flagrant violations of fundamental rights, leave a sour taste in the mouth, 34 years on”.

Surprised by the uncharacteristic remark, friends on the social network asked whether the account had been hacked to which Malaba responded, “No. It has actually been liberated,” in an apparent reference to his departure from Zimpapers.

Malaba recently left the group after 16 years of service, five of which he spent at the helm of The Sunday Mail.

His criticisms come on the back of similar concerns expressed by Mr Cross. Last week, Mr Cross accused the Government of poor performance while reminiscing on better days during Rhodesian times.

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