Makusha seeks some aggression

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Makusha seeks  some aggression

The Sunday Mail

SPRINTER Ngoni Makusha’s needs to stop being Mr Nice Guy if he is to translate his undoubted talent into medals, so reckons the athlete’s manager.

“Ngoni is a phenomenal athlete, one of the fastest local guys I have seen in some time,” said Nyasha Muchochomi.

“However, the problem is that he is just too nice, and lacks aggression. It is that aggression that we hope to instill in him, between now and his next meet.”

The assessment comes after Makusha missed out on the podium at the recently held African Championships in Nigeria.

In Abuja Makusha finished sixth in the 100 meter final, posting a time of 10.45 seconds ,0.2 seconds behind eventual winner Akani Simbini.

But earlier on he had run 10.37 and 10.36 seconds in the heat and semi-final stages respectively.

In the 200 meter, the 24-year-old finished third in the semi-finals, with a time of 20.47.

Makusha’s camp, which also which also has David Tinago as coach, believes a combination of rugby and boxing will give him the aggression he badly needs.

“It’s quite a funny story,” admitted Muchochomi.

“I have a bias towards rugby and believe that the contact nature of the sport could aid in bringing out the fighter in him.

“His coach, on the other hand, prefers to err on the side of caution and believes boxing is the way to go. He fears that rugby is too physical and the risk of injury is just too high.

“Both sports, however, involve a lot of cardio and that aided with the aggressive nature of the sports should be the right tonic for his offseason workout.”

Despite the disappointment of Abuja Makusha is content with the season he has had.

“I have improved a lot this year; travelled a lot more, managed to stay healthy for longer periods and most importantly posted good times.

“Last year, my personal best was 10.21 and 20. 45 seconds, in the 100 and 200 meter races, but this time around I have managed shed them off to 10.17 and 20.05 seconds,” he said.

Makusha is also drawing some positives from the African championship near miss.

“While the goal for every athlete is to get medals, I am happy with my performance in Abuja.

“Experience counted for a lot, as I had top three times in the heats, but failed to replicate it in the final.

“My starts and finishing let me down at crucial times and these are factors I aim to work on once I get back onto the track in three weeks times,” he said.

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