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Making my voice count…

05 Nov, 2017 - 00:11 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Mercy Joseph, 24 years
Election period is a time for bold measures. This is the country and youths are the generation. This world demands the qualities of youth, not a time of life but a state of mind and quality of imagination therefore youths are highly encouraged to vote for the president they want to lead the country.

However, we cannot talk about youths without mentioning the word technology.

This is the 21st century, the century of new technologies and therefore youth and technology go hand in glove.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission recently introduced the biometric voter registration. Biometrics is a technology used to capture unique physical characteristics such as finger prints and facial scans, voice recognition and other features for the purpose of identification.

These features are kept in a database and used for identification of voters on polling day.

Since no two persons can share the same unique physical features, the BVR system helps to eradicate the problem of duplications which has led to endless electoral disputes in Zimbabwe.

Biometric voting system helps to support fair, credible elections to ensure the protection of democratic principles.

This promotes confidence and faith in elected leaders.

Youths nowadays uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-learning to interact with others, business and education purposes.

For one to log in to these accounts one needs to enter a password.

Many people usually forget their passwords and this disrupts their activities. Unlike these systems, BVR don’t need any password, the person is the key so you need never remember your card or key again.

Because of the way passwords can be overlooked or effortlessly speculated and the way that ID cards can be harmed, swapped or shared, biometrics are more helpful in light of the fact that individual physiological qualities are dependably with you.

Biometric technology alone does not guarantee comprehensive voter registration.

Complete voter registration can only be achieved when citizens are aware of registration processes.

We all benefit by having young people exposed to the way things are done. Many registration centres have been set and the registration process is still on so I encourage the youths to register and vote for the Zimbabwe we all want.


The other two shortlisted are from Priviledge Haruzivi and Kudzai Bingisai.


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