Madirirano improves but…

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Madirirano improves but…

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

BEING one of the most popular events on the entertainment calendar, Madirirano was set to be a perfect usher to the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays.

It was just that, at least for the patrons.

The event had Takashinga Cricket Club buzzing with thousands of merrymakers from all walks of life, coming through to revel last Sunday.

From the record numbers to the exceptional production, this was probably the most successful Madirirano event ever.

Those who came in the afternoon when traffic was still low can testify that the setup inside the venue, especially the VIP and VVIP sections, was eye-catching.

It was clear that the organisers had done their homework, making improvements in a number of areas.

The event had a slow start but gathered momentum as the sun set.

Entertainment was in excess.

Top performers, including Enzo Ishall, Ti Gonzi, Ishan, Bazooker, Stunner, Seh Calaz and Hwinza, took turns on stage.

Bazooker performing at Madirirano

The musicians were ably supported by high-flying DJs who mainly took charge of business in the afternoon.

But Ti Gonzi was one of the stand out performers. Through his captivating lyrical prowess and energy on stage, he proved why he is highly rated in the hip hop circles and the music industry in general.

The rapper had the crowd going wild and singing along to his current hit ‘Mabazooka, Enzo Nema Pumacol’.

The noise got louder when Ishan joined him on stage to perform ‘Kure’, which has become an anthem.

Killer T and Blot were scheduled to perform after that but were distracted by a faulty generator that technicians failed to fix.

Besides that, the show went on without much incidences.

It is therefore unfortunate that unscrupulous bouncers tainted the event by disrupting business at the main entrance.

They tried to cash in at the expense of the promoter.

This, however, was not for long as the organiser decided to open the gates and let people get in for free as a counter measure.

Simba ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Society, Simba ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare said they had done everything they could to ensure that the event was flawless and memorable.

“We had a very good setup inside the venue and from the turnout, I can say this was the biggest Madirirano we have ever held,” he said.

“Tight security was implemented but some rogue bouncers then came and started making people pay minimal amounts while giving them access to the venue by force. After realising that the situation was turning violent, we then decided to open the gates and let the people in for free.

“The chaos at the gate went on for less than an hour so the people who were already inside had no idea that something was happening. I am sure most of them only found out about it through social media or the newspapers the next day.

“I did not get any reports of any violence or disturbances within the venue and from my understanding, everything was fine. People really had a good time.”

Chakare has since threatened to pull the plug on Madirirano in protest of the rogue bouncers’ criminal activities.

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