Macheso’s estranged wife speaks out

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Macheso’s estranged wife speaks out Alick Macheso and his then two wives, Tafadzwa (left) and Nyadzisai

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Alick Macheso and his then two wives, Tafadzwa (left) and Nyadzisai

Alick Macheso and his then two wives, Tafadzwa (left) and Nyadzisai

Garikai Mazara
Speaking publicly for the first time on her troubled marriage to sungura musician Alick Macheso, Tafadzwa Mapako disclosed that the collapse of their union can be traced to her refusal to allow Macheso to use “an unorthodox manner of curing nhova (fontanelle)”. The unorthodox manner involved Macheso inserting his manhood into a child’s mouth until he produces semen.

This, she alleged, happened twice on their first-born son, Alick Junior, with Nyadzisai, Macheso’s first wife, being witness to the events.
She spoke about this and other issues that faced their marriage yesterday afternoon in the company of her lawyer, David Ngwerume of Hamunakwadi, Nyandoro and Nyambuya Law Chambers, who is representing her in settling the marital wrangle. Efforts to get Nyadzisai to comment on allegations that she witnessed the weird acts were fruitless yesterday.

Tafadzwa alleges that after the second incident, she protested heavily which led to her being beaten in June 2012 at her then Zimre Park lodgings.

“When I was some months pregnant with our second child, I told Baba Junior (Alick) that he was not going to treat this child in the same manner as the first one. That was even before we knew it was going to be a baby girl,” she said.

When asked why she is raising the unorthodox issue now, when a divorce is looming, Tafadzwa said she had kept quiet about it as she was intent on saving her marriage.

“Besides,” she said, “Macheso does not have a family unit outside his wife, mother and children whom I could raise the issue with.
“Maiguru was the person who used to counsel us when we had problems but since she was part of the treatment, I could not complain to her.”
“Despite the said treatment, Alick Jnr remains up to today a sickling and is always in and out of hospital.

“This, doctors say, could be a result of a recurring infection, and the doctors have since requested that the child go for cancer screening and anaemia tests as he is constantly nose bleeding. He is also asthmatic.”

Tafadzwa confirmed that her marriage to the sungura king started getting cold around November last year and by then she thought that it was because Macheso was facing some challenges at work.

“He would come around 5am and not touch me and leave the same morning. It’s only three weeks ago when I raised his continued coldness that we met at his Waterfalls home, with Maiguru Nyadzisai, and to my surprise the following Monday there was a story that I was being divorced.”

Ngwerume added that in their round-table meeting on Thursday, they had asked Macheso to divorce his wife in a customary manner, since they married customarily.

“We all know that Macheso did not pay lobola in the newspapers and he should use the same channels he used to pay lobola to divorce Tafadzwa. Then we can discuss the rest of the other matters.”

He said it was false reporting that an out-of-court settlement had been reached and that as far as Tafadzwa is concerned, Macheso should initiate the divorce proceedings first.

On the paternity issue, Ngwerume said Tafadzwa has been ready from the first day the story broke to go for the tests.
On the dora/cimbi issue, which is a reference to Macheso’s alleged small manhood, Ngwerume said it was Macheso who said the issue, in their round-table meeting, saying that Tafadzwa had said it in 2012, and the words were never spoken by Tafadzwa.

The lawyer and client team also dismissed a conversation that is doing the rounds on social media, allegedly between Tafadzwa and a friend, named Bee in the conversation.

Besides not knowing any friend called Bee, Tafadzwa said her account does not contain any such conversation. The lawyer also said the circulating conversation does not conform to a Whatsapp format and could only be credible if there was a screen shot of the said conversation.

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