Love thy orphan

12 Nov, 2017 - 00:11 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Romans were the first people to start orphanages in 400 AD.

Long before them, however, both Jewish and Athenian law required that orphans be supported until age 18.

The number of orphans in England became large by the early 1900s. Researchers in modern times said the orphanages were the worst possible care option for the kids as they did not receive the right amount of attention or physical contact to develop properly.

It led to the adoption of children from the orphanages.

Charles Dickens’ most famous novel, “Oliver Twist”, depicts perfectly the hardships orphaned children had to endure in orphanages.

The great philosopher Plato once said, “Orphans should be placed under the care of public guardians. Men should have a fear of the loneliness of orphans and of the souls of their departed parents. A man should love the unfortunate orphan of whom he is a guardian as if he were his own child. He should be as careful and as diligent in the management of the orphan’s property as of his own or even more careful still.” — Online sources

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