Love and Volleyball

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Love and Volleyball

The Sunday Mail

The Mutede couple, just loves volleyball.

Aaron Mutede has been Churchill Bulldogs coach for the past 17 years, while his wife Eunice (32) does the busy on the court as the national team vice –captain.

It was on the court where these two lovebirds, who have been married for the past 14 years, met and so began their love story.

“It was at one of the major tourneys hosted by Churchill called CMC when it all started, I had seen him before at training sessions and other tournaments though,” revealed Eunice with a laugh.

“We started communicating via postal letters, as I was still in school back then and would be away from home for most of the time,” she said.

It’s no coincidence that their 14-year-old marriage started on a court, as the two have a deep passion for the sport.

Eunice has developed into one of the most experienced and decorated female players in the local league.

She captains an ambitious Harare City side aiming to retain their Zimbabwe Volleyball Association National League title.

“It’s been a great journey winning high school nationals, lots of tournaments and taking part in national team events also getting accolades.

“Being a Zone VI champion in 2017 and representing Southern Africa in Egypt at African Club Championships is also amongst some of my achievements.

“It’s has been great at Harare City the team is a pleasure to work with, sweat and hard work got us gold last year and we are working on repeating it this year,” said the setter who previously has been on the books of JS Harare, Jewel Starz, Support Unit and Zimpost.

However, of all the accolades, travels and championship medals, her biggest dream is sharing the court with her 12-year-old daughter, Chantal who recently played in the national championships.

Her husband, jokingly said, Eunice wants to remain active until she plays on the same court with her one her four children.

“It’s motivating her to stay fit,” said Aaron

And Eunice is that character that sees pain as weakness leaving the body.

“Practice makes perfect is all I can say, practice, commitment and enjoying whatever it is that you are doing.

“Fine it hurts sometimes but as they say, no pain no gain,” said Eunice who also holds a FIVB level one coaching certificate.

She also helps his 39-year-old husband, Aaron in running their volleyball academies AM and the Kariba Beach Volleyball Academy.

“We love volleyball, but it doesn’t mean at home we are all about volleyball, it usually doesn’t mix,” Aaron said.

“I think Eunice the player is experienced and hardworking with close to 20 caps for Zimbabwe and a mother she is wonderful and she balances her duties very well.

“It’s mostly about taking care of my husband and our four kids and making sure the house is clean,” he said.

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