Logan Cup bursts into life

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Logan Cup bursts into life

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

ASHLEY CHIMEDZA is a walking and talking enigma.

The City blocker rarely joins in the team celebrations and largely keeps to herself.

As one of the City new players, her games have been rare and far in-between.

But that is all about to change.

The “Lady Citizen” could be well on her way for her time in the sun at this year’s edition of the Volleyball Zone XI games currently underway in Lilongwe, Malawi.

And this is because of the absence of Charity Chikore who, according to assistant coach Tawanda Pamire, has put the Zimbabwean heavyweights in a precarious position and forced them to rely on the Midlands State University Sociology undergraduate.

“Well, for one I feel honoured honestly to have them bank their trust on me.

“I may be not a pro just yet, but I’m going to give it my all and try to make them proud.

“I will take it as an opportunity to perfect my skills, but bottom line is that I won’t let them down,” said the 20-year-old centre blocker.

Inasfar as Chimedza, the person, the 20-year-old first fell in love with volleyball during her days at Widcombe Primary School.

That was before graduating to Roosevelt Girls High, where she horned her skills a bit more.

She turned professional in 2018, under Manyame Airforce, before moving to Support Unit that same year.

By the end of the 2018 volleyball season, she was confronted with two offers, Harare City and University of Zimbabwe Wolves and she settled for the former.

With nine accolades to her name, she has to balance between her Municipality pay masters and her Midlands State Volleyball team.

“I finish my lectures around 3pm and training starts at five.

“After hours, I do my school work, and so am able to balance the two perfectly.”

Unlike most sportspersons, Chimedza is not torn between school and volleyball.

She is sure that her heart belongs on the volleyball court.

Although her mother, Molly Chimedza, has warned her against investing too much into volleyball instead of academics, Chimedza is adamant that the sport is her life.

“My passion lies with volleyball, I don’t know how am going to do it, but all I know is I can’t leave volleyball.

“It is funny because sometimes when I play I feel am doing it for her (mom) though she complains that I love the sport too much. In her car, she has three of my medals; and so I know deep down she supports me. I want to make her proud during this tournament,” she said.

At City, Chimedza feels content despite being way down the pecking order. It is the competition and chance to learn from her seniors, that thrills her. “I have to work extra hard because of the competition.

“They have tonnes of experience, and I am still an amateur, so this also affords me a chance to learn from them and hone my craft,” said Chimedza.


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