Living with sewage

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Living with sewage A boy crosses a flowing stream of raw sewage. — Online source

The Sunday Mail

Gibson Mangwendeza 19 years, Chitungwiza —
The most disheartening thing in Chitungwiza is that the water shortage goes hand in glove with the blocking and bursting of sewerage pipes. In the area of Manyame the raw stench can be smelt from miles away from the river.

Dried human waste lying on the sides of the roads is no longer seen as abnormal. What aches my heart most is that innocent children play on the streets where there is human waste and for them it is just normal because they know no other way. This puts children at a high risk of cholera, dysentery and other diarrheal diseases. This is because of lack of clean and safe water.

The situation is now normal to the habitants of Chitungwiza especially the children who were born into the prevailing conditions. This however is detrimental to their health and wellbeing hence we call upon the local government to intervene by repairing faulty sewer reticulation, to ensure that a clean and safe environment is created for children to play and grow.

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