LIVE from HARARE: #Mugabe Must Go rally!

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LIVE from HARARE: #Mugabe Must Go rally!

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THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday cleared a rally by citizens across the political divide led by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association against President Mugabe’s continued stay in office as they urged the public to be peaceful and orderly. The rally is taking place at the historic Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare.

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12:17 – Thousands of people have thronged the city of Harare to participate in the historic march to State House to get rid of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe who has been in power since independence in 1980. The march will be preceded by a massive rally by all citizens which have been organized by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association led by Comrades Chris Mutsvangwa, Victor Matemadanda and Douglas Mahiya.

The rally is taking place at the Zimbabwe Grounds in the revolutionary suburb of Highfields, where 37 years ago President Mugabe descended to an equal mass crowd as he stepped in to lead a new Zimbabwe following years of colonial rule under the white minority.

President Mugabe had widely proved to be an icon of black championship who fought against imperialism to the extent of making Zimbabwe one of the few post-colonial countries where whites are viewed as any other citizen equal to blacks.

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President Mugabe championed the land reform programme which benefited thousands of blacks in an effort to champion black economic empowerment.

However the revolutionary train derailed somewhere along the way with what analysts and critics described as a “bedroom coup” and a capture of the First family by criminal elements masquerading under the banner G40. In the forefront of the G40 faction have been politicians like Professor Jonathan Moyo who previously has been very critical of President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, vowing to destroy the party from within. It is therefore not surprising that latterly the G40-led cabal was targeting politicians with a liberation war history with the latest casualty having been Vice President Mnangagwa.

It is Cde Mnangagwa’s dismissal from the party that triggered anger across the country as the VP, popularly known as Ngwena or Crocodile was dismissed from Government in a strategy widely viewed as a way of paving the way for the ascendance of First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe to the position of Vice President.

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12:54 – Meanwhile the rally at Zimbabwe Grounds has just ended after political leaders who include Comrades Patrick Chinamasa, Oppah Muchinguri, Douglas Mahiya and Victore Matemadanda addressed the massive crowd. Movement for Democratic Change vice president Nelson Chamisa also had the opportunity to greet the massive crowd from the podium.

12″ 57 – The procession is now marching into town, from where they are expected to proceed to State House, where roads are clogged with thousands wanting to see President Mugabe out.

13:06– A massive crowd is marching from Fourth street in Harare towards Robert Mugabe grounds behind the Rainbow Towers Hotel where people are converging to proceed to State House.

13:14 – From the streets Jah Prayzah’s “Mudhara Vachauya” and Kutonga Kwaro Gamba” songs are bellowing from car radios of celebrating youths.

13:43 – Oliver Mtukudzi’s “Bvuma wasakara” is also being played loudly at the Robert Mugabe Square and in the streets of Harare. Oliver Mtukudzi ironically played last week at the event to officially rename Harare International Airport to Robert Mugabe Gabriel Mugabe Airport.

13:45 – The thousands are marching in solidarity with the ZDF which stepped in to save the situation Zimbabwe was facing under President Mugabe who allowed himself to be swayed by the G40 cabal led by Professor Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwawo and others whilst these had the backing of the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe.

14:16 – It’s all hooters in Harare . . . as people march and celebrate to see President Mugabe leaving power . . . a revolutionary whose legacy criminals have managed to destroy. ZDF had to save the situation.


Soccer legend Moses Chunga and journalist Sugar Chagonda  join thousands of citizens to march against President Robert Mugabe.

Soccer legend Moses Chunga and journalist Sugar Chagonda join thousands of citizens to march against President Robert Mugabe.




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