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Voting process started at 7.05 am at Epworth local board and the process is going smoothly and and rapidly as hundreds of voters have already casted their votes and left the polling station

3 female voters at Nettleton Primary School, Braeside Harare Central Constituency stormed out of the polling station in rage saying their names were not found on the voters roll

Voters started queing to cast their votes at Chigovanyika business centre at 6am with the verification of ballot papers and sealing having been done shortly before 7 AM when voting started. At tent A 30 people were in the que,Tent B 45 and Tent C 26 when voting commenced

Voters in st Mary’s Chitungwiza constituency have started queuing to cast their votes

By-elections #updates
Elderly women checking their names on the voter’s roll at Tent C poling station, Chigovanyika Business Centre in St Mary’s Constituency

📸 Richard Muponde

Voters going through voter’s roll to check their names at the polling station at Chigovanyika St Marys constituency in Chitungwiza

Queues at Babude Primary School. Ward 19 in Tsholotsho South. So far 43 people, 33 male and 10 female, have voted at this polling centre. At Mbalibali Primary School, 34 people have voted while at the Dliwapondo Tent three people have voted so far. At the Wohlweni Tent four people have voted

Rains have temporarily stopped in Bulawayo…
Voters continue to trickle in at St Bernards Mission Primary School Station. At station A 18 people had cast their votes by 8:45, while 7 had cast their votes at station B

In Marondera East Ward 7 at Igava polling station two people were turned away because they are observers

Voting continues at Pumula Hall in Bulawayo, Pumula Constituency

In Kuwadzana constituency, polling stations are characterized by small queues. In some instances there are no queues at all. No incidences of violence reported

At Bunsiwa Primary School polling station in Binga North constituency, presiding officer Mr Fanuel Muleya revealed that by 9am they had already served 56 voters. There are 364 voters registered at the centre

So far 44 people had voted at Mhofu Primary school Highfields East by 9am. This is the Ward’s main center

An elderly woman Rita Makaha searches for her name on the voters roll at Makomo Primary in Epworth

A total of 60 voters managed to cast their vote in ward 34 Mufakose council offices poling station by 9am, 3 voters were turned away for approaching the wrong polling station. No incident of violent behavior

In Highfield East, Ward 24 at Highfield High 1 polling station, 122 people had voted by 9.30am. 5 were assisted

“Compared to previous elections the process is smooth this time. It took me just 5 minutes to go through the whole voting process and I think this is how it should be,” says voter Mathias Marashauta, Fundo Primary School, Ward 45, Kuwadzana Constituency

Voters queue at AFM church in Karoi


Kuwadzana Constituency Fundo Primary presiding officer Josiah Mataire speaks on the few voters who were turned away or redirected to another polling station

A man casts his vote at Makomo polling station in Epworth

Voters check for their names at Kwayedza School Highfields West constituency. 84 people had voted at Kwayedza A polling station by 9:30am

At Nkalange polling station Ward 10 in Binga North Constituency, which has 264 registered voters, 88 voters had cast their votes by 10am. Voters are still flocking in

WATCH: Voters and presiding officers speak on how the voting has progressed so far

Zanu PF candidate for Harare Central Loice Magweba casts her vote at Admiral Tait Primary School in Ward 2, Eastlea, Harare

At Glen Norah Chitubu polling station. As at 10.31am, 163 had voted, 3 assisted, registered voters are 712. Voting continues to be peaceful

By-elections #update
Kurai B polling station, Kambuzuma Constituency:
Voters: 80
Redirected: 5
Turned away: 2 (brought drivers license instead of ID)
Assisted: 3

At Glen view South Consituency. 64 voters had voted by 10.00am. Five turned away and redirected. 1 assisted because of poor eyesight

Mr Tafara Dhlembeu from the Avenues checks his name on the voters roll at David Livingstone Jnr School Harare Central Constituency Ward 6

Prospective voters in Mabvuku scan for their names on the voter’s roll

Zanu-PF Nkulumane Constituency candidate David Ndlovu casts his vote

Statistics Update
Kambuzuma 1 A
Voters: 103
Turned away: 4
Assisted: 4
Voters Roll: 603

Kambuzuma 1 B
Voters: 104
Turned away: 0
Assisted: 1
Voters Roll: 607

Voters at David Livingstone Jnr School in Harare Central Constituency go through hand sanitisation and personal information registration in line with Covid-19 preventative guidelines

At Masibinta Secondary School polling Station, Binga North, the presiding officer Mr William Kapota said by 11am 220 voters had cast their ballots, 144 females and 76 male, with two voters being turned away. The polling station has 781 registered voters


Kambuzuma Lyton Council Primary school has six (6) polling stations with each averaging 155 voters at this time of the day

Beitbridge’s acting district elections officer, Mr Adrian Muyambo says the election process has been going on smoothly since morning and that they have not recorded any untoward incidents at all the 11 polling stations in Wards 4 & 5 (Beitbridge Municipality). In Ward 4 , Lawrence Tshili (Zanu PF) is contesting against Morgan Ncube (CCC). Under Ward 5 Showa Moyo (Zanu PF) is standing against Granger Nyoni (CCC)

Mufakose High 1 Polling Station

Station A
Voters: 119
Denied: 15
Assisted: 1

Station B
Voters: 117
Denied: 10
Redirected: 19
Assisted 2

Station C
Voters: 123
Assisted: 3
Denied: 15

Voters Roll: 916

Calm proceedings in most polling stations here in Mufakose Constituency. In terms of voter turn out the situation in Mufakose is more or less similar to that in Kuwadzana, Kuwadzana East and Kambuzuma, where a little over 100 people per station had cast by midday

Voting continues in the March 26 by-elections…

By-election #updates

Current situation at Epworth local board: Most designated voting tents are empty as voters are now coming in few numbers as compared in the morning

WATCH: More sights and sounds from polling stations around Zimbabwe

By-election #updates

Beitbridge: There is lower voter turn out at Vhembe High School (Ward 5) and Beitbridge Mission School (Ward 4) where an average of 80 people had voted by 1300hrs
📸 Thupeyo Muleya

By-elections statistics #update
As at 13:00hrs
Domboramwari Secondary polling station B
Males – 64
Females – 94
Total: 158

By-elections statistics #update
As at 13:00hrs
Domboramwari Secondary polling station A
Females – 95
Males – 83
Total: 178

By-elections statistics #update
As at 13:00 hrs
Domboramwari Secondary polling station C
Males – 64
Females – 92
Total: 156

By-elections statistics #update
As at 13:30
Domboramwari Secondary polling station D
Females – 103
Males – 79
Total: 182

By midday at Dinyane Primary in Ward 15, Tsholotsho South, a total of 175 people had cast their votes, with 145 females and 30 males choosing candidates of their choice

Seven people were turned away and of these four were females and three were males

At Gandisa 70 people had voted, with 12 males, 58 females casting votes

Five people were assisted, while one was turned away

At Bubude Primary School, 96 males, 31 females had voted, bringing the total number to 127

Four people, two males and two females, were turned away

At Mbalibali Primary, 150 people voted and of those 28 were males and 122 females. 11 people were turned away, while 25 were assisted

Voters continue to trickle in at Moffat Primary School, Ward 2, Harare Central

ZESN election observers at Nettleton Primary School (Harare Central Constituency) being briefed on the voting process and latest statistics by a polling agent and the presiding officer Mr Jonathan Shonhiwa

Latest #ByElectionZw round-up…

By-election statistics #update
Ward 2 (Harare Central Constituency)
So far 242 people have voted, distributed across two polling stations.
Male voters: 116
Female voters: 126
Total eligible voters: 1 253


Binga District elections officer Mr Pinos Buligwamanu said voting in the 68 polling stations of the 15 wards in Binga North Constituency is progressing well

He said all polling stations opened at 7am with no major incidences, with a largely impressive turnout. One polling station having over 300 voters by 7am

Mr Buligwamanu said they expected votes counting to begin around 7:30pm after the closing of voting at 7pm, with results expected to be announced on Sunday


It has started to drizzle in some areas of Bulawayo, which might affect late voters

Voting continues at Kuwadzana No 3 Primary School, Kuwadzana East Constituency

Since lunch voting appears to have gained momentum with those who had gone to work in the morning trooping into polling stations

Since morning the electorate have expressed satisfaction with the level of organisation in these by-elections. At Kuwadzana No 3 Primary School alone there are seven polling stations

People still coming to cast their votes at Rusvingo primary school in Highfield Harare

Zuvarabuda Primary School polling station A (Highfields West) as at 1600hrs
Voted – 221
Turned away – 31(for registering late)
Assisted – 0

Zuvarabuda Primary School polling station B as at 1530hrs
Voted – 215
Assisted – 6
Turned away – 20
Redirected – 1

WATCH: Candidates, voters speak on by-election processes…

LISTEN: Voice Report about the situation in Kuwadzana East

WATCH: By-elections round-up 1

WATCH: By-elections round-up 2

By-elections #updates
Glen View South tent A as of 17.40

Voted – 218
Assisted – 2
Turned away – 33 (late registration, expired passports)

Glen View South Tent B
Voted – 210
Turned away – 26
Assisted – 0

Empty polling stations at David Livingstone Jnr School Harare Central Constituency Ward 6 as at 5:30pm with only a few voters showing up at 5 to 10 minute intervals

According to presiding officer Mrs Chipo Nzvede, general voter turn-our is way below average with less than 20 percent of the registered voter showing up as at 5pm

Latest statistics at Mufakose High 1 polling station A

Total votes – 243

Male – 114
Female – 129
Redirected- 30
Assisted – 4
Denied – 16


No voters in sight at Nettleton Primary Harare Central Constituency Ward 2

#ByElectionsZw update:
Mufakose High 1 polling station A
has officially concluded the voting process

Epworth Local Board polling station, which is also a command centre for the Epworth Constituency closed its doors at exactly 7pm this evening.

Not a single person at this polling station could not make it on time, this was the same with Makome and Epworth High

However, a few who were directed late to Domboramwari failed to make it on time

Presiding officers said the situation was very peaceful since morning

Voting in the March 26 By-elections has concluded across the country

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