Littlerock on survival camp

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Littlerock on survival camp

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Kudzai Chidzanja (L6) Littlerock International School

We departed from our school at 1400 and drove for an hour and a half towards our campsite. As we were 6km before the main site we had to disembark from our mode of transport and finish off the rest of the journey by foot. Our luggage was taken to the campsite ahead of us.
We split into two groups as we used different pathways to finish off our journey which sadly cost the high scholars time as they got lost and spent 2 hours wandering about the farm before they located the rest of the group thanks to whistles and flashlights used for signaling. We pitched our tents and the first supper was served under the night sky full of stars.

Waking up early was the order of the day as Mr Wayne sounded his alarm bells at 4:30am summoning us to Morning Prayer sessions. Thereafter we were treated to a survival breakfast of a quarter bun, orange, banana and apple. We then went in for a short worship service with Mrs Mpupuni followed by health talks where we were advised on how to take care of our bodies as well as focus on which foods are healthy to us.
Mr Pride emphasized on water uptake such that we labelled him Dr Water. We did some marching drills and moved on for our lunch comprising of a bun, avocado and a slice of watermelon. After lunch we had a 30 minute rest and then went for our nature walk which was disguised as a treasure hunt around the farm.

Miss Amanda and Mr Ursla had placed many “treasures” around in strategic positions such that one had to follow the map and signs in order to win one. We had our evening meal camp style as we baked our own bread using sticks and baked potatoes and eggs underground by placing a fire over the sand thanks to Mr Marvellous.

We woke up @ 4:30am thanks again to Mr Wayne for our morning prayer session then quick bath by the river followed by our breakfast of 4 slices of bread with peanut butter and honey and a fruit (best meal ever). We packed our bags and tents then cleared the camp site of any fires and plastics as this was our final day on site.

We knew we had to await our transportation so we went to the farm kraal to learn about cattle vaccination then to the horse barns for some horse riding lessons. Promptly, Sir Jimmy arrived with the transport and joined us on horseback. We left the farm at 12pm and arrived home at 3pm.We all enjoyed the camp as we learnt how to cope with little resources and survive on a limited supply of food and water.

We attended the survival camp to receive various life skills that enable us to remain resolute in difficult situations, to observe nature and grow spiritually in Christ, to bond and interact as peers and largely to enjoy ourselves.

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