Light Christian College hosts Career Development Seminar

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Light Christian College hosts Career Development Seminar

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Kudzai Gondo Upper sixth Physics
Light Christian College
In this fast evolving world, consensus is now around the facts that gone are the days of run-off-the-mill style of education where the mill is a nineteenth century model institution whose sole production is Ordinary and or Advanced level examinations.

It is now almost common knowledge that the major prerequisite for the Space-Age`s volatile environment is capacity building in students and modelling them for the unforgiving, ever morphing market. The constant reminder is “lest ye be caught napping,” as surely as the sun never sets on the world, so also does the latter keep progressing whilst we sleep, rest content, unaware of the ever widening gap between us and those that keep ears on the ground, tools in hand, ready to adapt. The scripture says “Teach a child in the way that he should grow and he will not depart from it all the days of his life.”

In light of this, Light Christian College, whose main curriculum thrust is behind holistic student development, hosted Friends Of Education Africa, an organisation specialising in Career Guidance and Educational promotion in Schools across the SADC region, for a career development seminar. Guest speakers included AFM overseer Pastor Chinyemba, Journalist and Sunday Mail Bridge Editor Charles Mushinga, Catholic Education Director Br Mazhambe and FOEA themselves; a jam packed line up to say the least.

Also in attendance were students from nearby Cranborne Boys High School among other invited guests. The wealth of knowledge shared was all encompassing and the presenters themselves were very interactive such that the usually low concentration span of the audience was extended to such a point that no one realised how the event overshot its ending time. It was truly a course changing experience.

You could call it larger than life or whatever else you may but being on a platform where the professionals themselves take you through the rigours of professional life and how, as a student, one has to prepare themselves for the “after school” environment, in a somewhat humorous way was, in my view an amazing way to get the message across; you could never compare it to a YouTube video by some character you can barely relate to. In the end, when it was all said and done, there was a plethora of quotable quotes to take home and here are a few:

“Be nice, it costs nothing and the benefit is innumerable.”

“All the books in the world have all the solutions to all the problems in the world; but you don’t have to read all of them. Read only those that point to your problems/difficulties.”

“Success is not money, it is the feeling one gets on achieving a much desired goal.”

“You are only the best at something you are willing to do for free.”

Then my favourite of the day was, “To be successful, you have to be BIG, an acronym where B stands for Books, I for Individuals that should help you shape your future the way it ought to and lastly G standing for Goals.” There was so much shared to write home about and the proverbial, “hearing it from the horse`s mouth,” really worked its magic. Thanks go to the Principal of Light Christian College Mr. Dzenga for organizing the event. In a nutshell, as shared, education comes from educare, Latin for movement from one position to the next and the day`s lessons would have left anyone in a loftier position.


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