Launch out into the deep

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Launch out into the deep

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Rutendo Gwatidzo

THE year 2023 is fast approaching and there are certain things that many of us should put straight.

Since 2022 began, we have been busy with various things.

Some, if not many, have been working hard but to no avail.

They are probably disappointed because it seems they have been working for nothing for almost a year.

Personally, there are plenty of things that did not go the way I wanted.

Inasmuch as I survived the year, I have not been where I would have loved to be.

Look under the carpet

Luke 5:4 reads: “When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, ‘launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’”

Peter had toiled all night without catching a single fish, probably in the same way some of us toiled this year without achieving anything meaningful.  A disappointed Peter had given up and was preparing to go back home when Jesus appeared with a solution.

Jesus simply instructed Peter to launch out his net into the deep and he experienced a miracle at the last hour.

So, there is still a chance to experience profit or success from the projects you have been pursuing during the year.

However, you need to understand how launching out into the deep applies to your situation.

In simple terms, launching out is starting or releasing something new.

For instance, last week, I launched a new book titled “Breaking the Silence”.

Similarly, others launched new projects or businesses. Launching out into the deep is where many of us miss it.

We tend to avoid challenges; we focus on what makes us feel good and give attention to what is easy, and not necessarily what we should do.

Most people tend to sweep things under the carpet, hoping that they will disappear.

Guess what?

They actually get worse.

Avoiding issues does not necessarily solve them; it may just delay them.

As we draw towards year-end, I would like to encourage everyone to launch out into the deep through the SWOT analysis, where we get to look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to what we have been doing.

Organisational status

This is the time when many organisations tend to focus on celebrating success by awarding those who did well or who excelled in different areas. Sometimes there seems to be no balance between celebrating success and addressing critical issues.

It is common that in companies that did not do well and are not in a position to give bonuses, workers are blaming the management.

However, the simple solution is to look deeper to find out where and what went wrong.

This is the time when organisations that understand the concept of launching out into the deep should spend time in strategic meetings, planning for the coming year.

The idea is to simply find what works and what does not work in order to improve.

For instance, culture is one of the areas often overlooked by organisations, yet it affects around 70 percent of the success of strategies that a company can come up with.

Be brave

The things we tend to fear tackling are not that intimidating after all.

This is the time to look at all aspects of the business in order to plan accordingly for the upcoming year.

Some businesses simply need to downsize operations, while others need to align their culture according to their vision and values. Other businesses simply need a new team that is energetic, passionate and optimistic.

There are many different solutions that should be implemented before closing a business.  Feel challenged to launch out into the deep, go deeper in your search for answers, remove those things under the carpet and begin to address them one by one.

Be inspired to catch the bull by its horns in order to make a difference.

All the best.


Rutendo Gwatidzo is a culture and change management strategist. She is an HR consultant, speaker, mentor and author. Contact details — 0714575805/ [email protected] / Rutendo Gwatidzo official fb public page.


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