Killer T’s dazzling ‘gango’

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Killer T’s dazzling ‘gango’

The Sunday Mail

Takudzwa Chihambakwe
APART from the chaos that characterised Killer T’s “Mashoko Anopfuura” album launch, the new offering is proving to be a ‘mixed bag’ of delight.

When Chris Brown deviated from his known RnB genre, trying out new sounds like EDM and hip hop critics said he was losing the plot.

But, years down the line the move has won the multi-award winning singer more fans world over. This could be the same route Killer T or Chairman has taken on the new offering.

The chanter is exuding versatility by coming up with different genres ranging from urban contemporary, reggae, traditional and pure dancehall on “Mashoko Anopfuura”.

Artistes should always follow market trends to win followers and this is exactly what Killer T is doing on this album.

A dancehall touch is traceable in a couple of tracks that come rooted in the form as hits from albums like “Ngoma Ndaimba” and “Bvunza Tinzwe”.

However, this has had some fans complain about the chanter becoming monotonous. But then why should the Chairman fix something that is not broken?  He has a signature dancehall beat, a winning formula that does not need unnecessary adjustment.

Another plus for the Chairman is his hard-hitting and thought provoking message that is blending well with his experimental sounds. It is difficult to notice it is the first time trying some of the beats and kudos should also go to his producer, Munya Vialy.

The epitome of Killer T’s flexibility is visible in his collaboration with Jah Prayzah on the song “Hondo”. The song fuses a number of genres yet the Chairman easily proves his mettle going pound for pound with JP on vocal execution. The title track “Mashoko Anopfuura” passes a message of hope to Zimbabweans highlighting all bad things come to pass.In short, the album is superb though there is room for improvement.

Meanwhile, Killer T’s album launch held at Club 1+1 in Harare was characterised by unsightly scenes.Security details were violent to paying patrons and every now and then threw unprintable words.

The security personnel better known as “mamonya” failed to understand that by moving from traditional launch venues like the Mbare Netball Complex, Killer was trying to bring class to his event. Their rigidness and personal differences that at times saw them physically tussle among themselves resulted in the club entrance being unnecessarily congested. Even the Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation, Kazembe Kazembe, who was one of the VIP guests at the event experienced some heavy shoving as he made his way into the club. Had it not been for his huge frame he could have easily been knocked down.

The situation got so bad that Killer T’s manager, Kudzai ‘Supa’ Biston had to intervene.Away from the entrance chaos, the launch took longer than necessary to start.

The opening act, Stunner only got on stage around 11pm. Soon after the rapper came Seh Calaz, who despite the late start gave a spirited performance.  After Calaz’s set, there was mishap on stage as a number of people aimlessly moved up and down the stage further delaying the programme.

In the meantime the crowd was visibly getting agitated but the minister timeously interceded supported by “rich boys” Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Benjani Mwaruwaru and one Boss Albert to begin bidding for the first copy of the CD.

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