Kenya pampers govt workers

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Kenya pampers govt workers

The Sunday Mail

The Kenyan government this year launched a massive civil service housing provision programme under which all government employees will get access to affordable housing and vehicle loans.

The programme, which began in January, has witnessed public servants receive access to cheap car loans and mortgages with an interest of three per cent per annum on reducing balance.

The duration of the scheme is a maximum of 20 years for mortgages and five years for a car loan.

Under the programme announced by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, the car loans will range from Sh600 000 (US$5 800) to Sh10 million (US$97 000); while the mortgage scheme will range from Sh4 million (US$39 000) to Sh40 million (US$388 000) depending on the grade of an individual.

Senior officials including cabinet secretaries, the attorney-General, chief of defence forces, governors and the auditor-General are entitled to a maximum of Sh10 million car loan and up to Sh40 million for mortgage.

The facilities are voluntary and available to those who can afford them.

The Kenyan government hopes that implementation of programme will help motivate public officers while contributing towards attraction and retention of requisite skills into the public service.

The programme applies to all government workers employed on permanent and pensionable basis.

Workers employed by independent constitutional commissions are also benefiting. Under the programme, independent government agencies prepare regulations to guide the implementation of the scheme while treasury provides funds to operationalise the scheme.

Government also sets aside the funds through the national budget.

Governments in Zambia, Ethiopia and Nigeria run similar programmes. – Online.

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