Kasukuwere is political toast

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Kasukuwere is political toast Ambassador Wharton

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Chris Mutsvangwa

High Court judge Justice David Mangota delivered his verdict.

The vapid loud mouth that is Saviour Kasukuwere had no standing as a Presidential candidate for the August 23 election.

Advocate Martin Dinha had already poured scorn on the deluded braggart and his clownish grandstanding.

All the pretences of presidential theatrics performed in the cowardly safety of foreign South Africa came to naught.

The empty political bravado of Kasukuwere comes from a rustic and midget mind.

Its propensity to proper thinking being inversely proportional to the stature of his physique.

His dullness is a matter of public record.

All his generation took advantage of the post-independence educational boom to go to school.

Instead, he evaded the teacher, only to gatecrash the University of Zimbabwe.

Cowed deans and lecturers tossed him a degree that had nothing to do with his unschooled grey matter.

Such blank types have a way of getting the attention of foreign spooks, who relish their treasonous pliability.

Kasukuwere had another nether attribute.

Courting the attention of a high-standing political woman and taking advantage of their Freudian distress.

This gave him unimpeded access to manipulate and abuse the access of such woman, who may have been enamoured to governance influence.

The nation watched in offended abhorrence as Kasukuwere ensconced himself in the Blue House of an increasingly aged and senile national leader.

All the while threatening or cajoling that elected power be transferred to him, with scant adherence to the tenets of a revolutionary and republican Constitution.

He had neither understanding nor appreciation of these intricacies of Zimbabwe statecraft.

Comrade Jabulani Sibanda summed it very well that there is a facile idea of the power of governance being transferred through illicit amorous liaisons that hark back to feudal dynasties of yesteryear.

As far back as 2015, I publicly warned Kasukuwere of the dangerous follies of Generation 40 political hallucinations.

He continued to behave like a moronic imbecile playing with broken bottles and smouldering fire.

The year 2017 would visit with Operation Restore Legacy.

The organic nature of the Zimbabwe Revolution struck in ferocious and clinical riposte.

There was no safety for Kasukuwere.

Neither in the skirts of the fancied then First Lady nor in her increasingly incapacitated spouse.

The cowardice that had always lurked inside the boisterous bravado of Kasukuwere saw him flee Blue Roof hiding in a pile of flower bouquets.

He would sneak back most probably to try some heinous shenanigans, which fate would thwart.

The repeat and cowardly knave would skip the border; this time never to return, save as a ghost candidate that has since been exorcised by the learned Justice Mangota.

His Excellency President Mnangagwa is the polar opposite of Kasukuwere in stoic yet hopeful bravery.

I am awed at how a young man gladly offers himself as a pioneer recruit of a fledgling guerrilla army of the putative nation of Zimbabwe.

How he places his fate and faith on an Africa that is in the nascence of freedom and independence.

Holding his heart, his mind takes him to Egypt and China to embrace military training in strange but friendly lands afar.

The courage of military deployment back home, the guts to sabotage enemy equipment, the defiance in being captured, the trial for death sentence and the lucky escape, capped by a 10-year death sentence.

Hold on.

Comrade Mnangagwa still has the gumption to rejoin the war effort in 1977 in Mozambique.

This time it is a raging fire replete with heinous genocidal massacres, callous assassinations, scalding napalm bombs, biological and chemical warfare, killer ambushes and surprise attacks, buried anti-personnel mines to snatch away limbs.

There is the hunger, thirst and deprivation of war.

The ignorant Kasukuwere finds comfort in positing as the inheritor of the mantle of Mugabe.

He has no relationship of any note with him to usurp the hereditary ownership of the biological Bona, Robert and Tino.

All he has are mental hallucinations of feigned revolutionary affinity.

I know Kasukuwere’s father as Josiah.

He was the security guard of the feared Stavros, who was the racist overlord of Mount Darwin.

He was so trusted by the genocidal racist that was Ian Smith of colonial settler Rhodesia.

Stavros was infamous for cruelly exploiting local African peasants and the hard-scrabble petty commercial farmers of Chesa.

And Josiah Kasukuwere, Saviour’s father, was his chief enforcer.

Truly, the pedigree and DNA of treason.

The Zimbabwe electorate will not be fooled by base antics of political lunacy run amok.

Come August 23, the braveheart Comrade Mnangagwa will be voted for a second term with overwhelming numbers.

Hollow appeals to SADC only serve to highlight the pervasive ignorance afflicting Kasukuwere’s stunted political antics.

With Mangota’s judgment, Kasukuwere is political toast.

Rather than wondering into the issues cowardice and courage, Kasukuwere must dwell on his abominable reputation of being a

None other than Ambassador Bruce Wharton of the US Embassy fingers him as a cold-blooded and merciless politician.

It is common cause that he infiltrated State organs for the cause of his Generation 40 ill-fated power-grab exercise.

He had wasted many a soul for this dangerous enterprise before Operation Restore Legacy arrested and dispensed with his political thuggery.


 Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa is the ZANU PF national spokesperson


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