Kainga spreads laughter across the continent

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Kainga spreads laughter across the continent

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

For Alfred Kainga, steroids are something he might start considering with the way his schedule is getting busier.

The US-based comic is already bracing for the airport hustle and bustle, which he has to contend with in the coming few weeks, especially with a string of major performances lined up in numerous African countries.

The comedian will be making his first stop at the Savanna Comics Choice Awards, which are being held on Saturday at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, in South Africa.

Besides being a nominee in the Pan-African Comic of the Year category, he will also be among the headline performers at the prestigious event.

Bagging the award will definitely be no walk in the park as he has to fend off competition from other top comics, including his fellow countryman Long John, Anne Kansiime from Uganda, Nigeria’s Basketmouth and Chingliz from Zambia.

With the awards ceremony out of the way, he will fly back to his base, where he is set to host the “Night of 1 000 Laughs” on September 22 at the Hyenas Comedy Nightclub in Dallas (United States).


This will certainly be an epic show considering that it is being headlined by Capone ‘Gangster of Comedy’ Lee, who will be supported by another talented comedian, Jamie Gravy.

It is believed that sharing the stage with a prominent act such as Capone is testament of the headway Kainga has made in the industry.

His next plane will take him to Nigeria, where he will perform at Basketmouth’s annual Lord of the Ribs Festival on September 28 and September 29.


The next port of call will be Uganda, where he performs at Salvador’s “Africa Laughs Celebrating a Decade in Comedy”.

Salvador – whose real name is Patrick Idringi – is a Ugandan comedian.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Kainga said he was happy to be part of such prestigious events.

“Like I said earlier this year, people back home are really appreciating what we are doing here, and being invited to perform at major events in various African countries and also being nominated for the Savanna Comics Choice Awards is really huge for me,” said Kainga.

“Starting from the 7th of September I will be doing a lot of country-hopping as I have to perform in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and here in the (United) States in a space of a few weeks. . .

“I have performed at the Lord of the Ribs Festival twice already and being asked to come back again is huge for me because most people have only been on that stage once.

“As for the Uganda gig, this will be my second time performing in Kampala, with this particular show being a bit special as we are celebrating Salvador’s 10 years in the industry.”

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