JP in double celebration birthday, new album on same day

04 Jul, 2021 - 00:07 0 Views
JP in double celebration birthday, new album on same day

The Sunday Mail

Takudzwa Chihambakwe

Jah Prayzah (“JP”) today celebrates his 34th birthday with the release of his 11th studio album titled “Gwara”.

The musician considers the new project a “birthday gift” for his fans, hence he had to bring forward the launch from the initially suggested July 9 date.

Prior to the launch, the multi-award-winning singer released a single called “Svovi”.

However, JP said he would have loved to drop his new projects in a “normal environment”.

“I miss the fans, the energy they exude and the memories created when we perform and see people appreciating what we would have produced,” said JP soon after a five-hour rehearsal with his new and rebranded band.

“There are many tracks from my 2020 album, ‘Hokoyo’, which I wish I could have performed in front of a live audience, but, well, we have to keep waiting.

“We had announced that the album was to be released on July 9, but I decided to give a gift to those who love my music on my birthday as opposed to just receiving gifts on the day I celebrate life.”

The album title “Gwara” has two distinct meanings in the Shona dialect.

On one hand, it refers to a person full of fear, while on the other it means a path or way.

“I will not disclose which ‘gwara’ we are referring to. I want to leave my fans guessing and let them figure it out on their own.”

The new project seems to be diverse compared to the musician’s previous work.

The signature sound is still present,  but there are some interesting experiments.

“I worked with a number of producers on this album who include Rodney Beatz, Victor Stot, Young D, G Fingers and Tanzanian hitmaker Lizer.

“All these producers have amazing and unique gifts.

“If you listen to the tracks that they produced, you can pick the different styles that they possess. It was an eye-opening experience working with each one of them and having to tap into their creative zone,” added Jah Prayzah.

The album will be launched with live online performances from JP and his new-look 3G band (formerly Third Generation).

“People can access the album for free on the Gateway Stream music application starting on July 4. We encourage them to download the application as they will need it to view all the live performances from myself and the guest musicians.”

He said they chose to go with the pay-per-view option because it allows them to monetise their work as shows remain banned.

“As creatives, we need to embrace the digital revolution or we will sink.

“I believe that even after this pandemic era passes, digital spaces will be very critical for creatives. So my team and I will be doing a lot of work on our digital platforms to ensure that we get the full value that these platforms offer.”

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