Journey of an African Mass-Evangelist

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PAUL Saungweme is one of the many enduring names that features on a list if any is available of dedicated evangelists in Zimbabwe. His life story told through a biography written by Namibian based author, Samuel Mayinoti tells of this personality.

Mayinoti uses a simple and easy to follow writing style to narrate the life of Saungweme who from humble beginnings as a young boy was rejected by his own father and raised by his grandmother.

Saungweme had to fend for himself and his siblings from a young age with the light in the dark moments of his life coming when he gave his life to Jesus at a mass crusade in Mutare at the age of 18.

Mayinoti, through excerpts from interviews with the evangelist and those very close to him in his life journey, manages to bring understanding of how Saungweme developed in his Christian walk.

The story brings out a life of faith for a boy who was considered not very bright in school having barely gone through primary education but working against odds to become a holder of a Psychology degree, Masters in Leadership and Change Management as well as having a Doctorate in Christian Ministry, through sheer determination.

What is striking about this account is how Saungweme considers his vision and mission as one to go around the world preaching the gospel and how he has managed to realise this at a very young age.

The engrossing story highlights the huge influence of the leader of the Zaoga church, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, in shaping Saungweme who is the founder of Jesus For Africa Evangelistic Ministry (JFAEM).

The book brings out this father-son relationship and how that has endured over the years.

Meanwhile, in the background are the accounts of his relationship with his wife and children, the struggles they overcame, giving a human touch to a story of man considered to be a larger than life character in Christian circles.

Another interesting point to note is how this evangelist has not received a salary throughout the past 40 years. The book interestingly reveals how the evangelist still managed to fend for his family while also holding mass crusades around the world consistently.

The book proffers a perfect transcript of lessons for true leadership in a world filled with materialism.

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